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Damaged Gulf Stream affecting Jet Stream

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Lord Stirling http://europebusines.blogspot.com describes how the Gulf Oil tragedy has affected the weather worldwide, the Jet stream 5 to 7 miles above the Sea is driven by the waters (the Gulf Stream) below, this has caused (or exasberated) freak weather in Russia, and South and North America.

The outlook is not good, with the possibility of cold soil lasting until May or June instead of Jan or Feb, crop failures can be expected.


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December 18, 2010 at 1:58 pm

It is way past midnight

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Few would argue against the truth that private corporations are running government policies and are more wealthy than governments.

Chief amongst the Corporations are the banks and Insurance companies. We have to assume that decisions of war are made in corporate boardrooms. And that these directors, in their fraternities, are more privy to classified info than government Ministers themselves.

What happens to our premiums and interest payments? We are paying for the circus of “democracy”, and the Ads that support the MSM.

Such is the greed of today that healthcare is introduced as a mandatory contribution scheme. Doomed to be siphoned into the war machine.

The Corporation’s greed bankrupts countries to pay for endless wars, but the ideology is not strictly corporate, it is devised by people in secret groups. Hegemony is the game, but debilitating huge amounts of people is necessary, both the vanquished and the fodder of consumers and aggressors.

And we have to worry about the climate? The military onslaughts are causing more man made damage than any other activities. Which leads this writer to coment: All the planets in our solar system are warming up. According to (www.pks.or.at) Victor Schauberger water is constantly trying to acheive a temperature of -4degrees C. If we are continually warming the worlds water, it is incumbent on nature to create severe winters to recool the water. Water is life, we are essentially water.

A holy person can find nourishment in the worst of food. I hope the dear reader can find something in a meandering essay.

Basically some very small groups of people can undermine the best intentioned souls. Until a remedy is found, totalitarian states will flourish.

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December 26, 2009 at 10:55 am

Hole in Cloud – whatreallyhappened

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TipotheHat whatreallyhappened

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December 17, 2008 at 5:39 pm

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Real Time (nearly) image of the Sun with Sun spot info

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The Sun is doing virtually nothing.

Sun spots go in a 22 year cycle, 11 years above the Sun’s equator and then 11 years below.

The rings found in a cross section of a tree signify the annual strength of the sun spots.

Go here for more real time images of the sun:



Picture from page with more sunspot info: http://solarscience.msfc.nasa.gov/SunspotCycle.shtml


Notice sun spot activity is predicted to peak in 2012.


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November 1, 2008 at 10:14 pm

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We forgot the world is holistic, Oil, Food, Weather, Wars, Water are all connected!

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Why are oil and food prices going up.
And we are fighting wars.
And the weather has gone bezerk.
And there are fresh water shortages.
All at the same time?There must be an holistic connection.
Rather like the Amerindians said.
Meantime we are breathing and discussing each event as if in isolation.
When in reality there must be a 100% connection between all of the above.

Do we want to stop consuming all our material toys, and dispense with our vehicles? Few individuals and no countries are doing this. Yet that seems to be the future.

Both individuals and countries subsumed with shortsightedness.
Religion offers hope for the despairing. But does it offer solutions? Is there a religion (& bless them all) that says nature is supreme and don’t mess with it.

Well its back to watching news for me.
Assessing the possibilities of war with Iran. Or the prospect of food shortages or inflation and looking at extreme weather. As if they are events isolated from each other.

A spiritual solution is a possibility.
That does not mean an organised religion, or a set of laws or dogmas.
But if a Buddha or Jesus or Osho appears now, they will not live long.

I think Ron Paul is our best hope. Cause he is the only one saying something new, and that is our only hope.

Written by morris

July 7, 2008 at 11:35 pm

wattsupwiththat.wordpress.com weather picture of the day

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May 26, 2008 at 11:27 am

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