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Back in rainy england

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No sun and the birds, the size of Seagulls at Stanstead airport are Black.

Fares for everything are so expensive, and the money changers (all one company) are licensed theft.

The WiFi at the airport £3 for 30 minutes (maybe an hour) or £5.25 for 24 hours.

Police with machine guns, not like M16s or AK47s – kind of light plastic with strangely solid areas, bullet proof vests on. The good news, didn’t see a taser.

Dark at 5.00 pm.
In central london there is some free wifi, but the time is limited to 20 minutes with a pricey purchase.

How free am i?

Few people realize the power of surveillance.

The mobile phone is an obvious bug permanently available, normally only if the battery is inserted and the phone is on.

RFIDs, Cameras and microphones as bugs
. GPS.

National security is an obvious reason, but far from the only reason. mafia, industrial esionage, Religious, Private investigators, Mafia and anyone rich or powerful.

In a globalised world leaving one country for another is probably meaningless.

Being out of cell phone reach might assist is privacy.

Ironically doing something illegal, criminal is not likely to push one into such a category. Those that challenge society or invent or any type of pioneer are most likely to feel the consequences which are inevitably a lack of privacy.

Our criminal class is so widespread, and such a huge percentage are involved in it, it makes the mind boggle.

Written by morris

January 28, 2009 at 10:16 pm

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Jewish Mafia harrassing me

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I don’t know how i got in so much trouble. Or why I am taken so seriously,as if i am a real threat.
I am at loggerheads with the 1) Jewish mafia, the 2) religious Jews and the 3) Gay community.
None of the three subscribe to trial by jury..
All seem to demand loyalty
And combined have absolute power.
Hitler declared war on all three.
The mafia is simply a nuisance, perhaps the least offensive. I mean I consider crime less threatening than Gays and religion.
jewishmafia .
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Written by morris

December 18, 2008 at 1:08 am

How we are spied on in cafes

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Have you ever seen spy shops? Anyway they are also on the internet. Microphones disguised as electric sockets, or pens, actually everything.

Those are all for houses, offices or on the person.

images3What about public cafes? The boxes of napkins on the tables! It is so obvious once it is pointed out. And if you don’t think it is worthwhile listening to people chatting in coffee shops and restaurants, then you were born yesterday.

How do I know this? One starts to become aware of one’s handlers. Surveillance today is as basic as breathing.

Once I was sitting with a Mother and daughter, the Mother got up to go to the loo or pay the bill – whatever, and so the waiter came over and removed the napkins, now the surveillance couldn’t know that it was all an innocent setting, instead there I am sitting with a 14 year old girl!  Ha ha

This type of framing goes on remorselessly, relentlessly, daily and for years. It is the Mossad, I am not supposed to even mention their name, but hell, I know things could be worse, but it has been years, denied all friendships, everything a betrayal, lose family and friends, all in some scientological pyramid. Gays in every meeting everywhere, drunks, vagabonds, criminals, 14 year old girls asking for a cigarettes to be lit.

Security guards in every place I go doing an ID with me, which means coming up close. I wonder the purpose? Maybe they are useful as hit men in the future, or simply to ID me in some false crime?

No one goes to Israel and walks away. This is a fascist enterprise, everyone has to sacrifice, and here, everyone must celebrate homosexuality and crime.

Jewish law proscribes a traitor as worse than the enemy. And hell if you won’t help wage war, you must be a traitor.

Any attempt at friendship is broken up. I guess I am short on the loyalty factor. My handlers want me to know this is a pretty evil place, and they’ve taken the smile off of my face, and the hair off my head. As I have said before I have to keep talking about Israel and the Jews.

Tap dance for them, shake hands with Gays and criminals everytime I earn a penny.

Written by morris

December 16, 2008 at 11:50 pm

RFIDs Few people consider the crimes being committed to the Jews by the Jews

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There is a rumour going round the internet, that an Israeli paper has said everyone in Israel is to be microchipped with an RFID.

Rumours like this are often ‘planted’ as a way to prepare the public for what is in store.

But chipping people has been going for quite some time (according to me).

Dogs in Spain have to be chipped by law.

Now in the interests of national security couldn’t we expect suspected terrorists to be chipped? And this should explain a lot of prisoner ‘escapes’. The prisoners are actually tagged. (Typically at a dentist or in surgery), And when is someone a terrorist suspect or just unfortunate enough to have gone against the grain. Why wouldn’t a mafia chip people? And the border between intelligence agencies and the Mafia is very blurry. After all shouldn’t the CIA and MI5 know what the Mafias are doing?

I have been chipped, it took me time to know it, I have no proof other than a perfect ability for me to be monitored 24 hours at any location. My phone, Email, Signature and Sperm is in other peoples possession. They carve out a fictitious life for me. All the normal amusements that other people are allowed to participate in, I am not.

My biggest crimes have been ‘forgetting my Jewishness’, and not showing adulation and responsibility to my family. Now the religious have a lot of power, and they have clearly assigned people to oversee me. Casual and sexual relationships are forbidden. Of course if I participated in Israeliness, there would be no problem. I am like an hybrid. I am culturally assimilated, and I believe in it too.

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Written by morris

November 18, 2008 at 1:36 pm

Strong evidence supporting implanting RFID tags in humans is feasable.

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We humans are pretty restricted as to where we can travel anonymously. Cars have GPS, and can be pinpointedly located at anytime.
And even without a vehicle we cannot venture off into the wild. We will almost always be by a path, a road, another vehicle.
The fish require a large transmitter and receiver. They were followed for thousands of miles: California to Alaska. And with an unknown path (through water).
We can have a chip put in our luggage, our shoes, our bodies (teeth or any operation). I think mobiles (They can have their firmware updated remotely) can act as relays, receivers, and anyway they are bugs and giving off there locations anyway. (see video: Video: Our Mobile Phones can be a bug; How to check!)
All wireless devices are suspect of relaying information, alarm systems and GPS systems included.
In case you think this is just too paranoid.

This blog has had:
34 searches for ‘chips in people’
387 views of this web page: RFID Chips implanted inside people
Of course being eavesdropped upon is karmic: it will only happen if some people want to do it.
The following story is from the BBC and how fish were tracked:
By Mark Kinver
Science and environment reporter, BBC News


The tags gave researchers a unique insight into the behaviour of young salmon

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Written by morris

October 29, 2008 at 8:26 pm

You are either for us or against us

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So who is running the society?

Where are they? Who are they?

We know they are hidden. We know we don’t know their names. And we know they listen to our phone calls and follow our every move. And that it is paramount that we are discredited, normally with sexual deviance.

Are they religious? The Saudis have family police. Is it our religious masters that choose to frame a person with young children or with Gays. Or are they proven patriots, that have proved themselves in war. That would normally mean they have killed.

Or is it the both of the above, the religious and the patriots? Do they together dominate our  secret services and banks. Together they have the power to destroy anyone.

Presumably those that do the dirty work, are not of the highest IQ, they are like some police, just trying to please their superiors, to follow a directive. The higher IQs actually make the decisions. The decisions for wars, for spin, for profit, for fear and for mayhem.

Clearly any opposing figures need to be silenced and discredited. Until one sings their song. If you sing the song of Israel and Zionism, you will find riches sex and all other sensual pleasures. Look around, and see if that is not true.

Ihave literally been barred from an friendship that does not include crime or deviance. I keep writing this, because I was not raised for it, it has come as a shock. I have been excommunicated from any one who is legal or straight.

At anytime a hundred or a thousand photos can be shown of me with Gays or with criminals. And I guess I would be locked up. If you question the Neocon way, that is the price. If you want to help the Neocons, then you are above the law.

Written by morris

October 27, 2008 at 6:42 pm

Organized Judaism and 24/7 surveillance

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I have been sentenced to talk and write about the Jews, and yes they have the power to do such things.

I went to Israel amidst the euphoria of Oslo. Rabin and Peres were championing peace.

As the Politics changed, so did my attitude. But the Jewish Israeli gang said, ‘where are you going? You cannot walk away’.

It is a daily struggle filled with time wasters and false associations. After all, the meaning of life is being Jewish, outside of that there is only deviance and corruption.

They wear you down, and like God they decide on everything. Who lives who dies, who earns who doesn’t. Imagine a great Sun storm obliterating the radio waves on earth (it does happen). Or the Jewish empire cascading down to being an equal to everyone else.

Maybe I am a dreamer. But there is nothing dreamlike in my daily hurdles. It can always be clearly demonstrated that everyone is corruptible. Such is the strength of the Jewish empire.

Want to sell weapons? Want to be in the Mafia?
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Written by morris

October 11, 2008 at 1:28 pm

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