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Bibi sets the clock back – video

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All Netanyahu’s visit to Washington acheived, was to restore relations to what they were before the Flotilla debacle. The Jewish Mafia/Lobby is the heaviest (obviously). Using Psy-Ops (Stolen guns from Bibi’s bodyguards) to all other means, in the end Netanyahu was proclaimed a man of Peace by Obama.

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July 9, 2010 at 2:04 pm

Everyone must promote the Gay cause

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Why did Obama’s wife say that Obama’s home country is Kenya? Because she was at a conference for Gay rights and it was important for her to get the message of Gay rights across. And such a sensational statement would clearly attract an audience. The Obama show is brought to us courtesy of Zionist orchestration, such a statement by Michelle Obama was not an accident. His two closest advisers are the Zionists Axelroyd and Rahm Emanuel.


I have lived in Israel and have made friends with Israelis, this is not an incitement against all Israelis / Zionists, and who knows, hope against hope may they all awaken to the horrific deeds done.


We witness similar promotions by the British Prime Minister.


Now the issue here is not a homophobic rant, it is a question into the truth. What power does the Gay community have? Do they run the secret services, the Government, all of our intuitions (sic)? Are they orchestrating / encouraging the war on the Catholic Church and the (genocidal) war on Islam because neither believes in Homosexuality? We know they are dominant in the fashion and entertainment industry. It is a daunting thought to consider that our society is run by a hidden Gay community. Only recently is the Zionist influence being outed. The parallel track of Zionism/Jewish power and Gay promotion keeps reoccurring. And as Israel’s Defence contracts with India grow, so does Indian legislation for homosexual rights. As in all conflicts there is profit to be made. That could explain some alliances and support for the Gay cause. It is truly an international fraternity.



Gay party at Baghdad’s US embassy


My issue is this; Do we all have to be seen to promote Gay rights? The answer seems to be yes. It is all very similar to Zionism, where world leaders are obliged to be seen in a Jewish Kippa.

No doubt some people are naturally homosexual. But with the overwhelming promotion of Gay rights even with children, many are coerced into a life they would otherwise not have taken.


For the past few years I have been forbidden to make a penny unless I am seen to be promoting Gay rights, yes they have that amount of power. I can assure you a male parading their sexual attraction is not that interesting, yet that is what is being given license to. I am forbidden by the Jewish powers that be, to be averse to the Gay world. I suggest the world would be a better place without Jewish power for this reason alone.


And gay rights comes under Human Rights. In the age of Guantanamo, Depleted Uranium and false flags I think we could rearrange our priorities.


And while religious Jews are permitted to shun homosexuality and homosexuals, it seems that is their preserve only. No one else in society is allowed to, under the canopy of equality we are driven by the Gay community.


Freedom is being allowed to choose your friends, and today is all Midnight Cowboy. And it is essential that everyone be seen to promote Gay rights. I could live without it. It is a strange indignity to be forced to appear to sing a song you don’t believe in. And if I wasn’t being forced to, I would not be writing about it!!!

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April 8, 2010 at 11:00 pm

Video: Asking Gilad Atzmon about AIPAC and Obama

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June 20, 2009 at 9:03 am

Video Israel and occupied Palestine news from the blogs and net

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Israel news from Blogs and the net May 16 – 18 in video format

No link - Do not know where this came from

No link - Do not know where this came from



Sources of news information:

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May 18, 2009 at 7:01 pm

Castro and Gaddafi seem to have hope in Obama

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Having seen Tony Blair launch into Britain with New Labour replacing the Thatcher heir, and seeing the hope everywhere dissipate into imperialist wars.

Was in no mood for Obama or the US system offering anything new.

Yet with Gaddafi warning Obama could be assassinated and Castro saying Obama is the opposite to the ‘odious’ Bush, there obviously must be something afoot.

We can be sure it is a team of people and not one man, the crucial question is Israel. It is possible to placate Cuba and maybe even Libya, Iran etc, but not accomplish Palestinian independence.

Obama has just nominated Jeffrey Feltman as the assistant secretary for Near Eastern Affairs of the State Department, he was previously an assistant to Martin Indyk – who was the US ambassador to Israel when Netanyahu was last Pime Minister (seemingly renewing past far right NeoCon alliances). And at that time like all previous decades politicians and media spoke of peace and expanded settlements.

There is  a large body politic of powerful Zionist supporters who will do all things unsavoury to savour a greater Israel. How will it all pan out?

If it weren’t for Castro’s and Gaddafi’s utterances there would not be any hope.

The US under Obama is after all still very much involved in foreign wars.

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April 11, 2009 at 12:19 am

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Presstv: Obama could be assassinated, Israel not attack Iran, Chas Freeman interview

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Israel will not attack Iran, Biden says


US Vice President Joe Biden

Wed, 08 Apr 2009 02:00:31 GMT

The US vice president has cautioned Israel against launching a military attack against Iran, saying such a move would be an ill-advised decision.

“I don’t believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu would do that. I think he would be ill-advised to do that,” Joe Biden said on Tuesday in an interview with CNN when asked about possible Israeli strikes on Iranian nuclear sites.


“The Israeli government may ultimately see itself so threatened by the prospect of an Iranian nuclear weapon that it would take preemptive military action to derail or delay it,” Petraeus said last Wednesday.

more at:


Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi says US President Barack Obama could be assassinated like former presidents John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln.

Tue, 07 Apr 2009 22:50:02 GMT

“There is a fear that they would liquidate him [Obama] as they liquidated Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln,” Qadhafi said on Tuesday.

The African Union chairman did not mention who might want to kill the US president.

Praising Obama at a university gathering in Sirte, Qadhafi said, “Obama is a flicker of hope in the middle of the imperialist darkness.”

However, he expressed concern that the powers that be would not allow Obama to implement his plans.

“I fear that they could liquidate this young man or force him to submit to their imperialist policies.”

“He (Obama) speaks logically. Arrogance no longer exists in the American approach, which was previously based on dictating to the rest of the world in order to meet its own conditions,” Libyan state media quoted Qadhafi as saying.

President Obama, who used his signature “change” slogan throughout the presidential campaign, is now expected to fulfill his promise as he faces a number of foreign and domestic policy challenges.



Chas Freeman Interview on PressTV -Transcript

Fri, 03 Apr 2009 17:11:32 GMT
By Susan Moddares

The following is a Press TV interview with former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia Charles W. Freeman on the controversy surrounding his nomination and subsequent withdrawal form chairing the US National Intelligence Council.


Freeman: Well, I do not think that they are working on behalf of a foreign government, but that they are working on behalf of a faction in a foreign country, which is even worst.

What is it that they objected to about me? Well I am critical of the Israeli policy. I believe Israel’s policies are destructive to American interests and also to Israeli interests.

I do not see how Israel can continue to survive in the long term as a state in the Middle East if it is not prepared to deal with respect and consideration with its Arab neighbors, especially the Palestinians.

I think it is not an act of hostility to Israel to be critical but an act of friendship, and the failure to observe that, see that and agree with that is what I think is most detestable about this group of people.

Press TV: This “particular group of people” probably would not agree with you when you say that being critical of them is an act of friendship, because it seems that criticizing Israeli policies abroad is much easier than criticizing them here in the United States, almost a taboo among Washington policy makers.

Freeman: Well it is very much a taboo and it has been employed in the kind of tactics that were applied to me and the great irony is that the Israelis themselves are far more critical and in much harsher terms of their government’s policies than I have ever been.

It is a strange thing that Israelis can criticize these things and somehow Americans are not allowed to.

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April 8, 2009 at 10:51 am

Is America about to learn who Israel is?

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President Obama and Turkish President Abdullah Gul reviewed the honor guards at Cankaya Presidential Palace in Ankara April 6, 2009

President Obama and Turkish President Abdullah Gul reviewed the honor guards at Cankaya Presidential Palace in Ankara April 6, 2009

Picture from:  ABCnews


Obama is talking a two state solution and now: Iran reentering the community of nations.

The latter might become a reality. But the former relies on the ‘People of the Book’, and they have a covenant with God.

And they have raised a whole nation accordingly.

They say: Obama can talk and talk and its okay.

Eventually push will come to shove, and the obvious and only solution is to undermine the USA so that it is reoccupied with its own problems. Could it be another war? Or things getting worse in Afghanistan? Or Obama’s citizenship being questioned in the media? Who knows what it will be? Some muck created or dug up, presented so that everyone sucks it up, no one realizing what it is camouflaging. Like False Flags and the bailout, swallowed hook line and sinker.

Just like Clinton had the Monika Lewinsky story break out just after he had a meeting with Netanyahu.

Imagining Bibi, Lieberman or Barak yielding self determination and a viable state to the Palestinians is not plausible.

It all portends to the demise of the US. Better that than Israel getting hammered by the US.

And Obamas strong words, don’t they sound like Pelosi’s ‘withdrawing from Iraq’.

youtube video of Obama addressing the Turkish Parliament here, the part containing Israel and Iran:



Haaretz has a very wishful editorial called  A clear message from Obama :

… There is no doubt that the fresh breeze from the White House is a welcome change in the Middle East, a region where many observers viewed the Bush administration as a hostile entity.

This is a change that Israel must internalize, and it could not have come at a better time …


A more sobering comment from the Progressive review web site:

… despite his declaration of non-war with Islam we remain at war in Iraq. We are at war against Iran and Syria (an embargo is an act of war). We are funding Israel’s occupation of Palestine. And we are escalating our war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. –source–


On the ground this is some of what is happening from today’s news reports:


Just saw this Jerusalem Post headline on Niqnaqs blog

Israel not taking orders from Obama

“Israel does not take orders from [Barack] Obama,” Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) said on Monday, responding to an earlier statement by the US president in which he reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to all previous understandings between Israel and the Palestinians, including the process launched at Annapolis, Maryland, in 2007.

Erdan, who is also the liaison between the cabinet and the Knesset, praised Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (Israel Beiteinu), who only last week said Israel was not bound by the Annapolis talks because it had never been approved by the cabinet or the Knesset.

“In voting for [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu the citizens of Israel have decided that they will not become the US’s 51st state,”  –source–

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April 7, 2009 at 4:26 pm

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