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Don’t Be A Denier – Nick Kollerstrom

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Nick went from riches to much much lower, this all happened after he was accused of being a Holocaust denier – somehow he does not see a connection.

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February 15, 2011 at 12:39 am

ETERNAL WAR AND FALSE FLAG TERROR by Nicholas Kollerstrom, PhD Nov 20, 2008

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War On Freedom analysis by ‘mad genius’ Dr Nick Kollerstrom – 13:21 – Nov 20, 2008


We must stress the idea, unfamiliar and suppressed as it is, that the vast majority of international terrorism conducted on a spectacular scale is indeed state-sponsored terrorism. Webster Tarpley[1]

There now exists a main sequence of New – Millenium False-flag terror events, as follows:

Table 1: False Flag Terror

11/ 9/2001 New york
12/10/2002 Bali
20/11/2003 Istanbul
11/ 3/2004 Madrid
7/ 7/2005 London[2]
11/ 7/2006 Mumbai –

all having alleged Muslim perpetrators. For at least four of these events we can be confident that they are state-sponsored and by that is meant, set up and created by the Axis of Evil CIA-Mossad-MI6.

We cannot know to what extent one or other of these intelligence agencies are involved, as they are so closely interlinked.

For the Istanbul and Mumbai bombings the evidence may be less clear.

9/11 established the image of Islamic terror, for a new kind of war, one that will not end in our lifetime as Vice-President Cheney informed the American people and, because this menace did not really exist, but was a mere phantom-illusion, a sequence of follow-up events was necessary to maintain its credibility.

Al-Qaeda was put together in the late 1990s by the FBI, in a world where no Muslim group called themselves by that name.

We enter the new millennium with the US/UK fully dedicated to Eternal War that is the reality now facing us. We know that the question is not. Will there be peace? but rather,

How soon will the US/UK initiate the next war?

Israel is a creation of these two nations and is likewise just as fervently dedicated to Eternal War, indeed may be said to have pioneered the concept.

The new millennium saw the unfolding of a new enemy image [3]. Until 1991 the Red Menace had justified the vast military budgets – Russia being one of the few countries in Europe that had never threatened or attacked Britain in its entire history…..


See also Sound recordings (From Feb 16th 09):


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February 19, 2009 at 3:46 am

MP3 sound: Nick Kollerstrom 7/7 9/11 and More! Feb 16 09

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On PressTv: May 2008

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On July 7th London Bombings, 4 minutes 27:

Holocaust 2 minutes :

Holocaust 2 minutes 44 seconds:

False Flags: Israel, US and the UK 2minutes:

Nazi London Blitz a reaction to British actions against civilians 4 minutes:

9/11   1 minute 23:

More 9/11

Zionism’s role 33 seconds:

Demonizing Muslims2 minutes 30 seconds:

Steiner and the truth:


Video of Nick Kollerstrom here:

ETERNAL WAR AND FALSE FLAG TERROR by Nicholas Kollerstrom, PhD Nov 20, 2008

Other articles by Nick:


Other sources of info on Nick (who has a PHD and is an accomplished authour) on the Web:






And he has been filmed for BBC’s Conspiracy Files to be released this Easter

Holocaust Tyranny Expels Sceptical UK Scientist from Academia

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Lying anti-semites (Not Kollerstrom)

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February 16, 2009 at 10:03 pm

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