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Video: Dick Cheney – Creator of Misery?

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High Quality version available at YouTube site


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A call for the right to Jewish self determination

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It is now nothing but a mafia. The young in Israel are drafted into an army and made into war criminals. Then farmed out to continue in their careers of domination.

The worldwide extraordinary jewish influence requires manpower. And Jews are coerced to help. Turning individuals into robots and soldiers. What can be said and thought is governed. The carrot and stick is everpresent.

The monolithic exercise of coercement, taxation and denial of others natural direction can only be enforced by those who have also endured a denial of individuality.

Where is a jewish Gorbachev? To dismember the imperialist nation. A jew who speaks of peace is ostracized and punished. There is a whole army at the ready to fulfill character assassination on a daily basis.

So let’s watch the Titanic sink. Actually many survived the Titanic and the Zeppelin!

It’s just a shame to commit atrocities in the name of the Jews.

Death is terrible, so is murder. Yet it is necessary to say the NeoCons have got to get burned for dragging everyone into poverty, hardship and conflict. This according to the Jewish oligarchy is treason, so short sighted are they.

Entrapment, stitching up, all insidious tools are used, all about camouflaging the truth, making things look other than they are. This is what the educated have delivered too.

Written by morris

March 16, 2009 at 11:35 am

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Press TV Somali leader accepts sharia law for truce

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Sat, 28 Feb 2009 17:05:35 GMT

This means all the killing was for nothing. The NeoCons instigated the overthrow of the Islamic Courts as soon as they declared Sharia law.

Now with the resulting piracy a repurcussion. Countless people were killed and injured – all for nothing – nothing at all

Map not from PressTV article

Map not from PressTV article

President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
Somalia President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has reportedly accepted a peace-proposal by religious clerics urging implementation of Sharia law.

“I met with religious leaders and elders and accepted their demand for ceasefire and reconciliation with the opposition members and I call on all opposition parties to halt the unnecessary violence,” AFP quoted the president as saying on Saturday.

“The mediators asked me to introduce Islamic sharia in the country and I agreed,” he added.

The announcement came as the country sinks further into a state of anarchy, with rebels steeping up attacks against the new unity-government, formed in January to provide Somalia with its first functioning government since 1991.

The proposal now awaits parliament ratification.


Written by morris

March 1, 2009 at 2:28 am

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I get a shocking email from a member of my extended family – Mondoweiss

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The other day a member of my extended family sent out the email at the bottom of this post to every other member of the family: “It’s our land, by Benjamin Netanyahu.”
I was shocked. I sent a note back on the spot to all the other members of the family saying I had traced my genetics to Kazakhstan so I wanted to move back there, but I needed numbers. […]


….The neocon interventionists of the last 15 years represent strong parochial, ethnocentric Zionist attitudes inside the American Jewish community. That’s why when the neocons plotted the Iraq war and lo and behold it came to pass (thru a variety of circumstances) the liberal Jewish community never really turned on them. They blamed Bush. That was the single-gunman theory of the Iraq war.

Long before Iraq and Gaza exposed the vicious character of parochialism in my own community, I was uncomfortable with these attitudes inside the Jewish community. They played a part in my marrying out. After the Holocaust, we were all implicated in the question, Is it good for the Jews? I understand how it happened; but the consequences were tragic. Norman Mailer was eloquent on this theme: Hitler’s bitterest posthumous achievement was to flood Jewish life with “cheap religious patriotism” and the sole concern, Is it good for the Jews?  –more–

Written by morris

February 3, 2009 at 10:30 pm

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Lebanon 2006, Hizbollah 2008, Georgia 2008, Gaza 2008/9.

All in quick succession, all led by – provoked by the same people.

Now provoking Turkey and Egypt with the recent agreement asking for foreign forces to interdict Hamas rearming.

The fundamental policies are driven by fundamentalists.

And the road looks losing. No amount of sacrifice matters. Americans, British, Europeans and jews. The Muslims don’t even count.

All voices of protest are subdued and punished. Lose jobs, income family …

Written by morris

January 24, 2009 at 6:16 pm

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Jew Hounding

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There are some jews who feel that i am a second class … jew.

It is a fascist outlook. Because a first class jew would fight for the empire. At the very least be a troll and ruin an anti israeli blog. They have taken over all my family affairs. And they know they can corrupt who ever i talk too. They interfere in any advance i make towards anyone, there has to be corruption involved.

Now there is a universal justice, and i must have done something wrong for this to have happened. I will get into that.
If I go into my bank, i am greeted by the manager, as if I am an important customer. I now have less than a hundred pounds.

If I’m checking out at a supermarket, there is a high likelihood of having bottles of alcohol at the check out to appear as if they are mine. Or some other sordid bullsh*t.

Now my father’s name was Victor Herman, he was not a powerful man, and he died in a london hospital about 7 years ago. He went in for a routine check up. And I was certainly seen to abandon him. The purpose of this post is not to explain the circumstances, nor the reasons for what happened. Nor the pain I have felt.

But I mention this because, there is the obvious question: ‘What have I done wrong’. Well leaving my father in the hospital was certainly weak. And a coward dies a thousand lives. But that would only be an excuse for the religious or corrupt jews that oversee my daily life.

Quite simply: I was being punished before that happened, (my father dying).
I lived in Israel about 15 years ago, I went there when Rabin/Peres were offering peace. And I stayed too long.
I freelanced in the news, mostly recording sound, and often going to areas of tension.

Once a very vitriolic and inciteful speech was being given against the Palestinians.

And as a sound recordist, when I had to pass the a spare battery to the cameraman I lost control of the boom pole and an american official who was sitting in front of me ended up supporting the boom pole with his hand.

Now ever since that time, maybe four years before my father died. I have been hounded. It feels like religious people, because of the concern for my family, for my jewishness, for the need to script my family, for the understanding of human nature, for the denial of any ability for free association. For the constant striving to denigrate me, the compulsion to see me in a compromised situation, the interference and corruption of any association i have with anyone.

It is the ‘Guardians of the faith’.
Now I have managed to stand up and articulate something of my daily life. In the past I have withstood far worse situations where I was unable to think for a minute, so I am quite aware of what the jews can do. Take it from me, they can completely take over your life, and your family’s life, and your employer, and they have all the authorities on their side.

Some of them seem to suggest (all messages are by innuendo) I should make friends, this is either a tease, or they are unaware of what their colleagues are doing.

Written by morris

November 1, 2008 at 7:40 pm

Video: Beginning of Third World War; under 3 minutes and relevant

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An animated video under 3 minutes.

It has a narration, professionally made (anti Neocon, of course -:)

Beginning of Third World War

Put on YouTube 2 years ago, and amazingly relevant!

See the Video here

Written by morris

August 30, 2008 at 8:07 pm

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