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Superweed explosion threatens Monsanto heartland

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man as God is failing.
Messing with nature is a no no
The Buddhists say God is in everything
Not so the NeoCons
Monsanto is heavily involved in all imperialist endeavours (needless to say).
Search for Monsanto on this blog – upper right of this web page.
It is shocking – and is a company of Jewish origin worth billions…

By Clea CAULCUTT (text)
Superweeds are plaguing high-tech Monsanto crops in southern US states, driving farmers to use more herbicides, return to conventional crops or even abandon their farms.

The gospel of high-tech genetically modified (GM) crops is not sounding quite so sweet in the land of the converted. A new pest, the evil pigweed, is hitting headlines and chomping its way across Sun Belt states, threatening to transform cotton and soybean plots into weed battlefields.

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This all leaves the most important question:
Are you for Nature or Corporatism?
Which just about sums up all of man’s current problems!

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April 21, 2009 at 3:39 pm

Monsanto legislating against Organic farming

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Iraq the Genocide, also Monsanto’s rule

Video: The world according to Monsanto — Banned in the USA

Honey for the Waste Incinerator

Monsanto’s Bt Cotton Kills the Soil as Well as Farmers

Shareholders ask Monsanto to defend US constitution. Iraqi farmers legally forced to use Monsanto seeds. Ex director advises Obama

Monsanto in law



Monsanto is heavily involved in Europe too.


From 2001:

The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses. – Utah Phillips

Appendix 1: UK Locations:
Monsanto UK Ltd. (PBIC) The Maris Centre 45 Hauxton Rd. Trumpington Cambridge CB2 2LQ England tel. 01223 849200 www.monsanto.co.uk www.monsanto-ag.co.uk registered office for Monsanto UK Ltd
Monsanto UK Ltd. Tulip House, 70 Borough High St. London SE1 1XF England tel. 020-7864-9913 This is the company’s government and public affairs office. This is a small office (maybe just a couple of desks) in a large office building housing a number of different companies.
Monsanto PLC PO Box 53 Lane End Road, High Wycombe Bucks. HP12 4HL
Monsanto PLC appears to be a remnant of old Monsanto/Pharmacia, the company has no employees and is registered at Pharmacia’s UK head office. It has two directors: Philip Greenhalgh and JG Lee. 73

From: http://archive.corporatewatch.org/genetics/commercialisation/monsanto.htm#strategy

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April 9, 2009 at 9:42 am

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Video: The world according to Monsanto

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Maybe jewish anti zionist voices should be looking at hidden forces?

Iraqi farmers by law have to use Monsanto seeds

The USA is now trying to pass a similar law

Monsanto’s Bt Cotton Kills the Soil as Well as Farmers


On March 11 a new documentary was aired on French television (ARTE – French-German cultural tv channel) by French journalist and film maker Marie-Monique Robin, The World According to Monsanto – A documentary that you won’t see on American television. The gigantic biotech corporation Monsanto is threatening to destroy the agricultural biodiversity which has served mankind for thousands of years. –source–


Chief Executive Robert Shapiro.

Major UK investors in Monsanto Rothschilds.

Monsanto are rated as one of the “bad” companies, guilty of many human rights’ and environmental violations, notably for GE foods and their products, “Agent Orange”. “Dioxin” and Roundup”.



. click here to see the video (moved from main page because it is autoplay)

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March 24, 2009 at 12:07 pm

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Monsanto in law

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HR 875, was introduced by Rosa DeLauro whose husband Stanley Greenburg works for Monsanto.

A similar law is already enacted in Iraq

The bill is monstrous on level after level – the power it would give to Monsanto, the criminalization of seed banking, the prison terms and confiscatory fines for farmers, the 24 hours GPS tracking of their animals, the easements on their property to allow for warrantless government entry, the stripping away of their property rights, the imposition by the filthy, greedy industrial side of anti-farming international “industrial” standards to independent farms – the only part of our food system that still works, the planned elimination of farmers through all these means.

The corporations want the land, they want more intensive industrialization, they want the end of normal animals so they can substitute patented genetically engineered ones they own, they want the end of normal seeds and thus of seed banking by farmers or individuals. They want control over all seeds, animals, water, and land.


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March 13, 2009 at 6:05 pm

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Honey for the Waste Incinerator

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Monsanto must be synonomous with US foreign policy.
Indeed Iraqi farmers are compelled by law to use Monsanto seeds. (search for Monsanto on this blog)

Bablok became part of the controversy because some of his bee colonies were collecting pollen from fields where the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture was growing GM corn for research purposes. The bees carried the pollen back to their hives and Bablok, who knew that the GM cornfields were nearby, had samples tested to ensure that his honey was clean. But the laboratory found that up to 7 percent of the pollen was from GM plants. When the case became public, a district court in the Bavarian city of Augsburg ordered Bablok to stop selling, or even giving away, his honey. As a result, he became Germany’s first beekeeper who delivered his honey to a waste incineration facility. Now Bablok is suing the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture to recover his costs and his lost sales, which he says amount to about 10,000.


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March 6, 2009 at 11:30 am

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Monsanto’s Bt Cotton Kills the Soil as Well as Farmers

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Monsanto has a history of being a jewish company, one wonders what deviousness exists to allow and perpetuate such an enterprise, it is a savage indictement on capitalism.

Biosafety refers to ensuring that GMOs do not harm the environment or health.

The soil, its fertility, and the organisms which maintain the fertility of soil are a vital aspect of the environment, especially in the context of food and agricultural production.

A recent scientific study carried out by Navdanya, compared the soil of fields where Bt-cotton had been planted for 3 years with adjoining fields with non GMO cotton or other crops. The region covered included Nagpur, Amravati and Wardha of Vidharbha which accounts for highest GMO cotton planting in India, and the highest rate of farmers suicides (4000 per year).

In 3 years, Bt-cotton has reduced the population of Actinomycetes by 17%. Actinomycetes are vital for breaking down cellulose and creating humus.
Bacteria were reduced by 14%. The total microbial biomass was reduced by 8.9%.

Vital soil beneficial enzymes which make nutrients available to plants have also been drastically reduced. Acid Phosphatase which contributes to uptake of phosphates was reduced by 26.6%. Nitrogenase enzymes which help fix nitrogen were reduced by 22.6%.

At this rate, in a decade of planting with GM cotton, or any GM crop with Bt genes in it, could lead to total destruction of soil organisms, leaving dead soil unable to produce food


More on Monsanto

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February 26, 2009 at 7:47 am

Shareholders ask Monsanto to defend US constitution. Iraqi farmers legally forced to use Monsanto seeds. Ex director advises Obama

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Who is Monsanto?

Why are shareholders asking Monsanto to defend the US constitution?

The following information clearly shows a self interested and vast corporation.

Monsanto seems to specialize in life killing products.


Shareholder Proposal To Require Monsanto Directors’ Allegiance to the U.S. Constitution

(CSRwire) NAPA, CA. – October 23, 2008Harrington Investments, Inc., (HII) a socially responsible investment advisory firm, has announced the introduction of a binding amendment to Monsanto’s corporate bylaws that would require directors to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Monsanto management is currently seeking permission from the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to disqualify the proposal on grounds that it is vague, unfair, illegal, difficult to implement, and would violate directors fiduciary duty.  Source

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October 24, 2008 at 9:14 pm

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