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Video, Pictures – Lebanon Elections for beginners – June 7th

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Photos from Blogs belowIn Tripoli – Photos from Blogs below – From plus961.com – link below



[added 10 June] Interestingly Middeno is reporting:


Proportional representation
10, June, 09
Despite losing the elections due to the non-proportionate electoral system, the Lebanese opposition won the popular vote by a large margin. From 1,495,000 votes casted 815,000 voted for the opposition while only 680,000 voted for the government parties of the 14 march coalition in a difference of almost 10 percent in favor of the opposition.

[added 10 June]

2 Israelis ‘voted in Lebanese elections’


Information and photos sourced from:

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May 16, 2009 at 1:39 pm

C’mon Israel turn your citizens into peacemakers

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Outmanuevering – no longer – If Israel could play peace, Israelis could have freedom of movement all over the Middle East – but the bosses don’t want it ….

Six more Israeli ‘spies’ caught in Lebanon
Tue May 05, 2009 4:04 pm

Lebanese authorities have arrested six more people accused of spying for Tel Aviv amid a campaign aimed at curtailing Israel’s intelligence operations in Lebanon.

The latest captures take to 16 the number of suspected Israeli spies arrested since January, an army spokesperson, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP.

The arrests include a police officer and his wife who were taken into custody late Sunday. Three others, accused of passing on information to Israel, were detained also on Sunday

6 more Leb Israeli agents


–New evidence that Hariri assassination was ordered in Washington and Jerusalem–
On April 29, 2009, UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon pre-trial Judge Daniel Fransen ordered the release from prison of four Lebanese generals who had been implicated in the 2005 car bombing assassination of ormer Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

The four Lebanese generals released were Jamil Sayyad, the chief of Lebanese General Security under the Syrian occupation; Ali al-Hajj, the former chief of the Internal Security Forces; Raymond Azar, the former head of Lebanese Army intelligence; and Mustafa Hamdan, the chief of the Presidential Guard under then-President Emile Lahoud. They were held for four years in prison without charges being brought or even being questioned by prosecutors

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May 7, 2009 at 1:58 pm

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6 Reasons for Israel to be angry with Obama

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We know we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes, all we see are press conferences, spokesmen and photo ops.



April 28, 2009

Talks on Iranian corridor for US troops, supplies to Afghanistan on fast track

Barack Obama’s plans […] formally asking Tehran to permit the passage to Afghanistan of fresh US troops, weapons and supplies across Iranian territory.


April 28, 2009

Washington to cut Iran in on Nabucco pipeline

Washington is ceding Tehran the chance to feed its natural gas into the 3,000 kilometer-long Nabucco pipeline project (from the Caspian to the EU via Turkey).


April 26, 2009

NATO member Turkey and Syria hold first joint military exercise

Washington’s approval underscores its new policy of boosting the strength of the Syrian army as a partner in a strong three-way military coalition with Turkey and Lebanon


April 22, 2009

Israel shocked by Obama’s approval of large Turkish arms sale to Lebanon

Our sources note that neither Washington nor Ankara bothered to inform Israel of the transaction or its scope


April 18, 2009

Obama’s charm offensive for radical rulers abandons Israel to Iranian threat

Barack Obama has set his sights and heart on friendship with the rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran and their…


April 4, 2009

US Awards Iran Role as Military Partner, Sells Israel Short

Israel’s chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi, then visiting Washington, was denied interviews with US defense secretary Robert Gates and the chairman of the US chiefs of staff Adm. Mike Mullen.

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April 28, 2009 at 9:35 pm

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Thirty Israelis sue North Korea for assisting Hizbollah

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Sue them if they fight back…

By zentor

Ok, so we’re not even going to mention the insane cooky conspiracy theories behind involving North Korea with Lebanon. Let’s just concentrate on the delightful irony of this fact: first you invade a country and bomb the sh*t out of it for no reason whatsoever (and for the third time in less than three decades, if we count only the major attacks), and then you sue for compensation when people resist you bombing the sh*t out of them… That is possibly even more chutzpah than accusing a complying member of the NPT and the IAEA of pursuing illegal nuclear weapons while you’re sitting on a stockpile of hundreds of them yourself and are NOT a member of either the NPT or IAEA…

‘Thirty Israeli citizens wounded by Hizbullah rockets fired during the Second Lebanon War have filed an unprecedented lawsuit at the Washington District Court against Korean government, it was reported Friday. The complainants in the $100-million lawsuit, also filed against Hizbullah, claim that North Korea helped the guerrilla group by providing military training to the organization’s senior operatives and building a network of bunkers for storing Katyusha rockets fired at Israel from southern Lebanon.’

More at –Middeno–

This news was also reported in the Mainstream news, in fact the quote is from the Jerusalem post.

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April 12, 2009 at 10:47 am

Israeli spies in Hizbollah

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Hezbollah ‘ready for any confrontation with Israel’

By Haaretz Service

Last update – 19:23 28/02/2009
The Hezbollah deputy chief says his organization is ready for any confrontation with Israel, but that a war “was not in Israel’s interest” following its “defeat” in the Second Lebanon War in 2006.


Asked his opinion on the recent election results in Israel, Naim Qassem told French newspaper Le Figaro that he saw “no difference between [Tzipi] Livni, [Ehud] Barak and [Benjamin] Netanyahu.” He added that “Israel remains an aggressor state.” –more–

Couldn’t find what Haaretz said Hizbollah said in Le Figaro, but anyway here is the Figaro article online (Translated by Google). See the post above this for a bloggers (more revealing) view.

Lebanon is hunting the Israeli spies


A propaganda poster in the southern suburbs of Beirut, the Shiite neighborhood, a stronghold of Hezbollah. Photos: Jenny Matthews / Panos / REA
The arrest of several officers in the pay of the Jewish state led Hezbollah to increase their vigilance.

IN the southern suburbs of Beirut, Hezbollah stronghold, suspicion reigns. A traffic officer, whose party affiliation is not in doubt, ignore claims where the press office of the “resistance”, however, located a few meters from the junction, and marked by a discreet sign. Hassan, a young resident of the neighborhood, likes to tell how one evening he quietly followed the driver of a vehicle parked outside his house unusually … “Remember that this area has been the subject of a systematic destruction, it remains a target for Israel, “he says to justify its access to care.


The proven effectiveness of the security system of Hezbollah, which relies on the support of the Shiite community and a very strict organization, has been very badly shaken a year ago by the assassination in Damascus of one of the main leaders of the party, Imad Moghniyé. The announcement of the recent arrest of a network of Israeli spies “also fuels rumors of a new hole in the shell.


According to the Lebanese press, these discoveries have forced Hezbollah to initiate a major rethink of security measures which he surrounds himself. The coup de filet most recent was announced this month. It concerns a certain Marwan Faqih, who owned a service station in Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon, who was recruited in France by the Israeli in the 1990s. In the absence of official information, newspapers are full of revelations about it. According to the daily Al Balad, he was the principal supplier of Hezbollah vehicles and equipping them with satellite transmitters.


The theory is well underway

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March 3, 2009 at 12:28 am

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Cousin Of Alleged 9/11 Hijacker Exposed As Israeli Spy

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Another Israeli intelligence connection to 2001 attacks on New York and Washington

Cousin Of Alleged 9/11 Hijacker Exposed As Israeli Spy 190209top

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Thursday, February 19, 2009

The cousin of alleged 9/11 hijacker Ziad al-Jarrah has been exposed as a long standing Israeli spy in yet another startling intelligence connection between the Zionist state and the attacks on New York and Washington.

A New York Times report details how Ali al-Jarrah was a highly valued spy for Israel for no less than 25 years, sending reports and taking clandestine photographs of Palestinian groups and Hezbollah since 1983.

According to the article, “From his home in this Bekaa Valley village, Mr. Jarrah, 50, traveled often to Syria and to south Lebanon, where he photographed roads and convoys that might have been used to transport weapons to Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group, investigators say. He spoke with his handlers by satellite phone, receiving “dead drops” of money, cameras and listening devices. Occasionally, on the pretext of a business trip, he traveled to Belgium and Italy, received an Israeli passport, and flew to Israel, where he was debriefed at length, investigators say.”

To emphasize how highly regarded he was by Israel, Israeli officials even assured Jarrah that his town would be spared at the outset of the 2006 Lebanon-Israel conflict and that it was safe for him to stay at home. –more–

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February 20, 2009 at 10:42 pm

Israel’s historical use of Phosphorous pre Gaza

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Last update – 00:00 22/10/2006

Israel admits using phosphorus bombs during war in Lebanon
By Meron Rappaport, Haaretz Correspondent

Israel has acknowledged for the first time that it attacked Hezbollah targets during the second Lebanon war with phosphorus shells. White phosphorus causes very painful and often lethal chemical burns to those hit by it, and until recently Israel maintained that it only uses such bombs to mark targets or territory.[…]

The International Red Cross is of the opinion that there should be a complete ban on phosphorus being used against human beings and the third protocol of the Geneva Convention on Conventional Weapons restricts the use of “incendiary weapons,” with phosphorus considered to be one such weapon.

Israel and the United States are not signatories to the Third Protocol.

In November 2004 the U.S. Army used phosphorus munitions during an offensive in Faluja, Iraq. Burned bodies of civilians hit by the phosphorus munitions were shown by the press, and an international outcry against the practice followed.


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January 27, 2009 at 1:32 pm

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