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Off Topic Video: Crazy Elephant in India

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January 4, 2010 at 5:42 pm

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Video: Asking Gilad Atzmon about AIPAC and Obama

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Written by morris

June 20, 2009 at 9:03 am

Debka reveals Israels anti Taliban agenda

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Noted for its assocition with Israeli Intelligence

Noted for its association with Israeli Intelligence

Debka is universally acclaimed to have close associations with Israeli intelligence. Debka only publishes articles of concern to Israel. It also publishes in Hebrew. It is an Israeli publication on the Net.

So why is it making constant updates about the military situation in Afghanistan, India and Pakistan? Clearly Israel has vested interests here. Which in our Global world, and in our current period of a free internet might not be a shock.

What happened to an Israel, a small sliver of land for the Jews, and in particular for persecuted Jews? Can anyone maintain the pretense? All the goal posts have moved. Israel is now concerned with enforcing Jewish values on Muslims in particular and also the world at large.

And so Israelis graduating from the military can go on and find opportunities overseas.

Strangest of all ironies is the likelihood of a war in Israel, and that could easily be within a year. Afterwards Israelis might wonder what their interest was in places ten thousand miles away?

Without going into Israel’s antagonism to the Soviets for not releasing the Jews, and Israels consequent support for Taliban fighters against the Soviets, what has millions of people living in the same area for thousands of years where they have evolved their own culture got to do with Israel? Apparently everything. And it is a religious edict against their Islamic way of life. Don’t be fooled by our ‘allies’ in Egypt and the Gulf, their turn will come, and they are already heavily corrupted.

We have to conclude Zionism killed itself. The laundering of ideas, money and the craving for hegemony over foreign cultures.

Back to Debka’s interests:

Taliban hits E. Afghan government center after US replaces top commander

May 12, 2009, 10:00 PM (GMT+02:00)

Khost after Taliban attack

Khost after Taliban attack

Taliban launched massive suicide bombing attacks Tuesday, May 12, …

wounded three US troops.

The size of the attacking insurgent force is not clear. According to one version, eleven suicide bombers took part. A Taliban spokesman said to the AFP news agency “Thirty of our fighters armed with suicide cars, suicide jackets and guns” mounted the attack.

Military sources say the rebels’ attacks have become more complex and sophisticated. The Khost attack was one of the deadliest in recent months.

It does not even make sense, “one of the deadliest attacks and three US soldiers were wounded”. uhh?

So we can assume it was far worse than that. Maybe ‘contractors’ (mercenaries) deaths are not reported. [update: PressTV says Afghans working for US bases were the target]


Gates changes commanders in Afghanistan

DEBKAfile Special Report

May 11, 2009, 10:04 PM (GMT+02:00)

New commander Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal

New commander Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal

US defense Secretary Robert Gates has replaced top US commander in Afghanistan …

DEBKAfile‘s military sources report that the unusual step of changing commanders in mid-war indicates that the situation on the Afghan front is a lot more serious than apparent from official accounts. …

Required in Afghanistan, say most experts, are small, swift units armed with massive firing power …Last week, Gates was in Afghanistan and visited the large Camp Leatherneck base under construction in the embattled southern province of Helmand on the Pakistan border. This base is designed to accommodate the 17,000 extra troops Obama has approved for Afghanistan in the summer.


Well here is another take on the same story:


Now imagine thousands of mobile US troops – backed by supreme air power and hardcore artillery – pouring into this desert across the immense, 800-kilometer-long, empty southern Afghanistan-Balochistan border. These are Obama’s surge troops who will be in theory destroying opium crops in Helmand province in Afghanistan. They will also try to establish a meaningful presence in the ultra-remote, southwest Afghanistan, Baloch-majority province of Nimruz. It would take nothing for them to hit Pakistani Balochistan in hot pursuit of Taliban bands. And this would certainly be a prelude for a de facto US invasion of Balochistan.  –source–


The following article sounds as if there is regret that more killing and battles are not taking place.

Isn’t it from the Bible; ‘those that live by the sword die from it’?

Voice of Israel, the voice of Jews, the light onto the nations:

Pakistan hangs back from major Swat offensive, talks secretly to Taliban

DEBKAfile Special Analysis

May 10, 2009, 10:07 PM (GMT+02:00)

Pakistani troops in embattled Swat Valley

Pakistani troops in embattled Swat Valley

While by no means a phony war, DEBKAfile‘s military sources report that accounts of a major Pakistan military offensive launched to flush Taliban out of their strongholds in the northern Swat Valley are generally inflated. This is not to say that hundreds of thousands of civilians are not fleeing the valley. Some half a million are on the move and will join the same number displaced since August, generating a large-scale humanitarian catastrophe. …

According to our sources, the Pakistani army has so far not fought a single pitched battle with the Taliban. Neither have the insurgents been rooted out of any of the cities and villages under their control.

Islamabad’s one-sided claims of some 200 Taliban killed in three days are not independently confirmed. At most, the Taliban have suffered some 50 dead combatants. …

The Islamabad government and local insurgent chiefs are in secret negotiation for a “victorious” military takeover of the embattled valley.


The next article suggests Israel would like Israeli trained and armed Indians to fight in Afghanistan.

Can’t the Israelis use their brains in another way ????

Israeli elite unit officers in big Indian anti-terror exercise

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

May 6, 2009, 10:26 AM (GMT+02:00)

Indian elite Kharga Corps

Indian elite Kharga Corps

India’s biggest ever counter-terror exercise took place this week on the plains of Punjab near the Pakistan border. DEBKAfile‘s military sources disclose that the three-day maneuver ending May 5 was staged by massed mechanized and parachute units of the elite Kharga Corps trained by Israel military instructors in India and Israel in the arts of operating in areas fought over by Taliban and al Qaeda, possibly even with biological or radiological weapons.

Dubbed “Hindi Shakti” (Indian Power), the drill testing this crack army corps’ proactive operational strategy, used tanks, combat vehicles – some developed in Israel for striking terrorist targets in open land, artillery guns and a large number of parachutists. These crack Indian units received specialist instruction from Israeli elite and commando forces in tactics for pursuing combat operations behind enemy lines.

DEBKAfile notes that the Indian counter-terror exercise ended 24 hours before US president Barack Obama headed summit of the Pakistani and Afghani presidents, Ali Zardari and Hamid Karzai, at the White House on their combined strategies against the two terrorist organizations.

New Delhi’s anti-terror exercise signaled the three leaders that, aside from the Americans, the only force capable of taking on Taliban and al Qaeda is India’s elite army corps.

Written by morris

May 13, 2009 at 12:49 am

Pakistan could collapse in six months – repercussions? – playing with fire

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Obama takes the credit for his oft stated withdrawal of troops from Iraq. When the reality is at least 50,000 troops will remain in Iraq. And worse, it is just a redeployment of troops for Afghanistan and the coming dismemberment of Pakistan.

NEW YORK: Pakistan could collapse within six months in the face of the snowballing insurgency, a top expert on guerrilla warfare has said.

The dire prediction was made by David Kilcullen, a former adviser to top US military commander General David Petraeus.

7 Apr 09, Times of India


It is accepted as fact that Hitler’s strategic downfall was attacking Russia. And by analogy, how could our warlords not also go for Iran at the same time as destroying Pakistan. Or would Israel simply attack Iran just when the US and NATO are militarily involved in Pakistan? Thereby insuring the US and NATO are intertwined?

The Taliban were strengthened and financed by the west, and now made stronger from Bush’s war on terror. The weakening of Pakistan has been going on for years, lots of clandestine plots.

One problem is also post colonial, the enmity between Pakistan and India:

Ex Indian Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar writing in the Asia Times, concludes an article on rising tensions and India’s alliance with the US with this:

The message is simple: If Pakistan goes down, it will take India down with it. There is no such thing as absolute security.


Overreach is all our oligarchy can do. Israel is very much a part of the nerve centre of global planning. And all bodies have an Achilles heal. With Israel having so many adversaries who will be Israel’s undoing?

Back to Pakistan. Presumably the majority of the population is powerless, even if they have submachine guns. That leaves the military and the Taliban as fighting forces.

My imagination sees the West using Weapons of Mass destruction on the tribal areas (staged as a false flag, stolen nuclear weapon?), just as separatism in Pakistan gets a groundswell, that is Punjab and Baluchistan separating.


The US is also preparing to send troops into Baluchistan

A Press TV poll suggests Pakistan’s political turmoil has been orchestrated by the US in an attempt to partition the nuclear-armed country.


Operation Enduring Turmoil is the Neocons plan to disassemble Pakistan, give northern Pakistan to Afghanistan, Southwest Pakistan to the Balochs… all this in an effort to restrict Chinese access to energy and herd energy resources towards Israel, the Mediterranean and Europe.


The worry apart from potentially millions of deaths, is what is the possible spillover? Pakistan attacking India?  In the scheme of Neocon things that is affordable.

America consumed by social unrest through the cost of this war theatre? Then Jews in the US would likely become a target.

China is allied with Pakistan. What it’s reaction would be is unknown, as is much of the Pakistani populations. The idea of a Pakistan in pieces will become more acceptable. Just recently Sharif called for a revolution, although Zardari placated him by reinstating the sacked Judges.

The US would have us believe it has a cozy relationship with the Pakistan military and with Zardari. But not with the Pakistani intelligence, the ISI.

How many can be bought out? This is all the NeoCon planners concern themselves with.

NATO countries central banks are largely Zionist run.

Pakistan has 170 million people, India over a Billion – the mind boggles. And India is involved in Afghanistan. And Afghanistan is becoming the focus for Pakistans problems.

Best to leave this post with an excerpt from a voice of experience:

All the following text and the pic are from:


Hence the U.S. has given Pakistan the option to tow its line completely or “the stick” – to accept responsiblity for what happens in future. Hint-hint, is another 9/11 in the making somewhere in West? The U.S. is pressurizing the Pakistan Army and ISI to throw aside Pakistan’s national interests and blindly do its dirty work inside their own country and in the region. In addition, ignore for a moment the U.S. expansion of war into Pakistan. It gets better. The U.S. has advised the Pakistan Army to disclaim India as enemy number one, not to focus on India in the future and to change its defense policy. How can anyone in their right mind expect the Pakistan Army and ISI to accept U.S. demands, when they have concrete evidence of Indian support from Afghanistan for terrorist groups inside Pakistan?

The U.S. would like to expand its war into Pakistan’s largest province, Baluchistan. Baluchistan is strategically located East of Iran and to the South of Afghanistan. It has a port at Gwadar that was built by China. Gwadar lies at the opening of Strait of Hurmoz. Baluchistan has huge quantities of natural gas, and unexplored oil reserves. More importantly U.S. want to control the port of Gwadar, and eventually start their dream oil pipeline from Central Asia, through Afghanistan into Baluchistan and Gwadar.

The U.S. would like to expand its war into Pakistan’s largest province, Baluchistan. Baluchistan is strategically located East of Iran and to the South of Afghanistan. It has a port at Gwadar that was built by China. Gwadar lies at the opening of Strait of Hurmoz. Baluchistan has huge quantities of natural gas, and unexplored oil reserves. More importantly U.S. want to control the port of Gwadar, and eventually start their dream oil pipeline from Central Asia, through Afghanistan into Baluchistan and Gwadar.


The million dollar question to think about is what happens when the U.S. corners Pakistan? Will Pakistan go down like Iraq, ravaged with civil wars, daily bombings, and extreme sectarian divide? Pakistan has at least 170 million people to begin with, and nuclear weapons. Will Pakistan just let go of its nuclear weapons? Will the Army sit in barracks and watch the country plunge into civil war? What will become of the people – 170 million strong? Another question remains about whether the U.S. will send in ground troops if Pakistan Army and ISI refuse to fight “terrorists” in tribal areas of Pakistan. Is Obama ready to spend billions more in fighting the “war on terror”? Will we see India sending its troops into Afghanistan to support U.S. and NATO troops? The basic rule of nature is that there is an equal and opposite reaction to every action. The Pakistan Army and ISI have no doubt been a long ally of Pentagon and the CIA. But when the existence of ISI and Pakistan Army itself is under threat, they just might decide to change their alliances. Will Pakistan Army start supporting Taliban in Afghanistan again in order to divert the U.S. war expansion from Pakistan back into Afghanistan? Uncle Sam must remember that China too has a big stake in Pakistan. The Pakistan Army has the same level of strategic partnership with its Chinese counterpart as they have with the Americans. The only difference is that there are no secrets between China and Pakistan. According to Sun Tzu, the art of war is to defeat your enemy without fighting! This is surely something that the U.S. should remember and the fact that no invading army has ever returned victorious from Afghanistan. Hence this surge theory of Obama is rubbish to say the least. “Only fools rush in.” –source–

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April 7, 2009 at 11:00 am

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India Israeli connection

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Today Mondoweiss wrote a couple of posts about a Neocon Hindu Nationalist alliance, the following is a comment I left:

It is a frightening alliance, based on fundamentalism.

Isn’t Israel now India’s main arms supplier? [India is the largest market for Israeli weapons]

Strategically India might be comparable to the US in importance and hope for Israel.

Yet the religious alliance is unified in being anti Muslim.

Why does everything have to be so militaristic, so war like, aggressive.

One Blogger is talking about a current arms deal:


‘India told us to keep deal secret’ – Israel Aerospace Industries March 28, 2009 by ghulammuhammed

Is it not contemptible that no newspaper other than DNA should have picked up the most ignoble act of illegality perpetrated by the Congress government, if DNA story is correct. Is nobody in the country alarmed at the blatant corrupt practice of collecting 6% commission on deals involving the defense of the country. Are all good people dead? Is this deal finalised mainly to collect the 6% commission needed to fund the coming parliamentary elections by the ruling party? Questions Indian National Congress must answer to deserve the trust of the people of India.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


What about Ghandi and the Hindu concept of the universality of Humans. It all got reduced to armaments …

A google search for “bjp rabbi visited india” is not very peaceful.



Picture from:


Also see:

From The Times of India:
LAHORE: Indian and Israeli intelligence agencies have ganged up to stir trouble in Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have alleged.

The agencies, in a report to the government quoted by Online news agency, have asked it to take “ample measures” to combat terrorism allegedly linked to Indian diplomatic missions in Afghanistan and Indian and Israeli spy outfits.  –more–

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March 29, 2009 at 9:45 pm

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Doubts over “Pakistan militants” foiled by India – Reuters

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By Alistair Scrutton

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Doubts have been raised about police reports of a foiled attack on India’s capital blamed on Pakistani militants, with newspapers wondering if the whole episode might have been staged.

The controversy is an unwelcome distraction from India’s efforts to bring to book the Pakistanis it blames for November’s attack on Mumbai.

Police on Sunday said they killed two militants after a car chase in Noida city on the outskirts of New Delhi on the eve of Republic Day. AK-47 rifles, grenades and a Pakistani passport were recovered, according to officials.

But the story sounded to some newspapers too good to be true. The militants not only conveniently carried Pakistani identification, they also asked for directions outside Delhi with an AK-47 poking out of a bag, and then confessed before dying.

The incident came amid heightened tension with Pakistan after the Mumbai attacks late last year. A brutal attack on the capital could have the potential to push the two nuclear-armed neighbours closer to the brink.

“(The doubts) hurt India’s credibility more now than ever before, especially as India is now under international focus and trying to tell the world to act against terrorism after attacks on Mumbai,” retired Major-General Ashok Mehta told Reuters.

Indians even have a phrase for these kind of suspicions — “fake encounters” — when police are accused of killing suspected criminals in cold blood and passing the incidents off as gunbattles to reap either fame or cash rewards.

“Doubts have always persisted about fake encounters and killings in India, but everything looks suspicious in this case,” Mehta, a security analyst, said. 


Tipofthehat whatreallyhappened

This blogs most popular post has been:

Cover-up in Mumbai – Indian View: By Sandhya Jain

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January 28, 2009 at 9:34 pm

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What’s next in Gaza? Pakistan

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Reading between the lines:

PressTV reports Pakistan’s LET commander was involved in the Mumbai assaults.

‘LeT chief admits Mumbai involvement’

Zarar Shah, a top LeT commander, captured in a raid early this month in Pakistani-administrated Kashmir, has confessed to the group’s involvement in November 26 Mumbai terror attacks, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

The Americans are believed to have given Pakistan a taped conversation Lakhvi allegedly had with the gunmen involved in the attacks, the Dawn newspaper said, quoting diplomatic sources.
However, tension between the two neighboring states was resolved to some extent after Indian and Pakistani leaders held dialogue via telephone, following regional initiatives by countries such as China and Iran.

It all reads very convincingly, but when reread with the Dawn article, and taking into account the Games intelligence agencies play, it is far from certain, and it is all more likely tied to the price of oil or an IMF loan. In fact there are more doubts than certainties regarding the Libyan so called hijackers of the Pan Am flight, the point being countries can be asked to do the humiliating.
See the end of this post for the excerpt of the original Dawn report.
And the Dawn article concludes that Islamamad does not think the tape is authentic, and the Pakistani Embassy in Wash. DC does. All smells a bit fishy doesn’t it?

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December 31, 2008 at 7:31 pm

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