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It is way past midnight

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Few would argue against the truth that private corporations are running government policies and are more wealthy than governments.

Chief amongst the Corporations are the banks and Insurance companies. We have to assume that decisions of war are made in corporate boardrooms. And that these directors, in their fraternities, are more privy to classified info than government Ministers themselves.

What happens to our premiums and interest payments? We are paying for the circus of “democracy”, and the Ads that support the MSM.

Such is the greed of today that healthcare is introduced as a mandatory contribution scheme. Doomed to be siphoned into the war machine.

The Corporation’s greed bankrupts countries to pay for endless wars, but the ideology is not strictly corporate, it is devised by people in secret groups. Hegemony is the game, but debilitating huge amounts of people is necessary, both the vanquished and the fodder of consumers and aggressors.

And we have to worry about the climate? The military onslaughts are causing more man made damage than any other activities. Which leads this writer to coment: All the planets in our solar system are warming up. According to (www.pks.or.at) Victor Schauberger water is constantly trying to acheive a temperature of -4degrees C. If we are continually warming the worlds water, it is incumbent on nature to create severe winters to recool the water. Water is life, we are essentially water.

A holy person can find nourishment in the worst of food. I hope the dear reader can find something in a meandering essay.

Basically some very small groups of people can undermine the best intentioned souls. Until a remedy is found, totalitarian states will flourish.

Written by morris

December 26, 2009 at 10:55 am

Muslims should thank the Jews for making them attractive.

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I’m not suggesting there is anything wrong with the Jewish religion, I doubt if there is.

But take a look at what is ‘going down’.

An ant army hell bent on undermining any modicum of decency in the human spirit. From genocidal wars to occupation, deception to theft, spiking to torture.
There is an irony in the Jewish concern for respectability, that Jews appear as a united family etc. When the reality is filled with devious conspiracies.
If the Jews feel one of them is betraying their ‘respectable’ image, the hapless humanist will be inundated with deviants, remorselessly, relentlessly and vindictively, with a lot of spiking, ID’s being stolen, and loved ones ‘taken care of’. No fingerprints is the only guiding principle.
How do these respectable Jews know all the deviants in town? And in the answer appears reality.
Couldn’t a chief Rabbi pronounce a Fatwa that sexual humiliation is illegal. The use of sex in furthering hegemonic aims is legendary, from providing it, to inviting Ron Paul to a set up in a Hotel room.  And I am frequented by transsexuals, all orchestrated by those attending synagogues. And didn’t Abu Ghraib happen on the Jewish watch? And how many Abu Ghraibs are there?

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Written by morris

October 12, 2009 at 10:45 am

Video Noam Chomsky: Giving Up Hegemony for Lent – Survival of Humans is not certain

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How should Americans, as a whole, consider the season of Lent? Using Noam Chomsky as a lens, it would be good to start with our misuse of the planet, our militarization of space, and ultimately our irrational commitment to global hegemony….all of which threaten our own survival and the future lives of our grandchildren.

Written by morris

February 28, 2009 at 10:43 pm

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Video (Fictional): World War III, 7 minutes

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Fictional Video: World War III

Over 7 minutes –

Pretty Slick

It has had a lot of views in the last days!!

world war 3

The video is not narrated.

It is the images and feelings it evokes that count.

See the video here:

Written by morris

August 30, 2008 at 8:25 pm

Video: Beginning of Third World War; under 3 minutes and relevant

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An animated video under 3 minutes.

It has a narration, professionally made (anti Neocon, of course -:)

Beginning of Third World War

Put on YouTube 2 years ago, and amazingly relevant!

See the Video here

Written by morris

August 30, 2008 at 8:07 pm

When Zionism met Imperialism, it was a marriage of convenience called neocons, till the wars and finances went belly up.

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An ideology was created that would morph according to local customs, but the bottom line was: humans are motivated by self interest.

While this understanding was marvelous at disrupting any other form of organisation (like communism), it did not engender a strong enough belief system to sustain itself. So the ideology had a kind of scientological embellishment: loyalty to family, state, religion and God.

This was anyway in concert with the Zionist and Imperial designs.

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Written by morris

August 13, 2008 at 3:05 am

Georgian Defense Minister Went To High School In Israel, & more details of Israeli involvement

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What to do about dual loyalties?

First of all it works BOTH ways! Nobody in Israel is happy about what has happened in Georgia.

Their has long been plenty of Georgians who hate their historical big neighbour (Russia). Did the Zionist fervour of sacrifice for Jewish ancestry permeate their Georgian identity?

Did they act as an insulated cabal (like the Neocons).

To what extent did the israeli elite know in advance about the actions? Was it just the Defense Ministry or more? All Israeli advisors require Israeli Defense Ministry approval. Did a group of advisors (Mercenaries) dictate a war?

Had the procedures been different, would anyone in Israel have vetoed the Georgian action?

We can assume Israeli defense procedures have been changed! So that a similar fiasco cannot occur elsewhere.

Also we can assume the Russian Intelligence is 100% aware of what has happened, they claim to have captured the deputy of Georgian Intelligence (or original source here).

We the Public are kept in the dark about what behind the scenes negotiations there are.

Speculation that Russia would be asked to curtail its support for Iran, now seem irrelavent.

Sarkozy is in Moscow, and his foreign minister was in Georgia, But the French are the same as the Israelis. The French are due to participate in the Iranian blockade, they were also Georgia’s biggest arms supplier, and they are building a military base in the Gulf.

The Israelis knew immediately that they lost Georgia. (Because there were bloggers predicting this immediately, only with inside info could this be foretold.) How, Why, we don’t know what part of the puzzle fell apart.

Georgian Defense Minister Went To High School In Israel

The Georgian defense minister, Davit Kezerashvili, 30, is a Jew who once lived in Israel. Mr. Kezerashvili was born in Georgia. As a boy, he immigrated to Israel, lived with his grandmother in Holon and even went to Kugel High School in the city.

His parents followed him to Israel. Two years later, he returned on his own to Tbilisi. His parents remained in Israel and returned to Georgia just four years ago.

Mr. Kezerashvili studied international relations at Tbilisi University. He served as the aid to Mikhail Saakashvili when the latter was appointed the head of Parliament. Mr. Kezerashvili managed to get himself appointed defense minister when Mr. Saakashvili became president.

Mr. Kezerashvili devoted a great deal of effort in preparing Georgia for a possible future conflict with Russia, and he was helped by Israeli security experts.

In an interview that was given by Defense Minister Kezerashvili’s father a year ago to the Israeli daily newspaper Yediot Ahronot, he said that his son had a warm spot in his heart for Israel. “He has a lot of friends to this day in Israel, and he’s maintained good relations with them,” said the father. […]


Profiles Of Israelis Helping The Georgia Defense Industries

* Maj. Gen. (res.) Yisrael Ziv, aged 61

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Written by morris

August 12, 2008 at 9:40 pm

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