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NATO starts a conflict in Georgia, Pandemic alert for Martial law, why not?

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As we watch America implode, and rarely is the war on terror stated as the reason for the bankruptcy, we witness a new pandemic scare.

The laws are in place to declare martial law, to prevent people gathering in public places. Is Mexico a ‘dry run’, an experiment? In Mexico (city at least) people are being told to stay at home, restaurants are only allowed to serve ‘take aways’. Is that what is coming to us?

Tamiflu is now available over the counter in New Zealand, and it is not a vaccination, it just lessens flu symptoms. And it is from a Rumsfeld gang company.

The following is from yesterday:

Today, the New Zealand Herald has reported this:

Tamiflu is available without prescription from today until September, but it will cost flu sufferers at least $60.

A full course of the unsubsidised drug, which is available over the counter for people showing flu symptoms, is priced at between $60 and $80.   –source–


There is some fascinating info about the pandemic scare over at http://abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread459795/pg1 : Japan was inoculating Pigs with Avian vaccination in 2005. And all the laws are in place to deny citizens any rights in the event of a health emergency.

Implosion of our system is inevitable, probably due to to our unsustainable way of living. How many ‘tricks’ will be played out before reality hits home?

One lie requires many more to cover it up, and by analogy one catastrophic mistaken government policy (war on terror) requires many more. Bringing the troops home and ending hegemonic ambitions is such an obvious cure. Yet Capitalism’s elite will solve Western bankruptcy with false flags and false scares.

A potential conflict is brewing in Georgia. The vested interests might have lost the war with Russia, maybe they are not prepared to let it go. There is a very lucrative oil pipeline that goes through Georgia which transports Azerbaijani oil, and Cheney et al have been a part of the US Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce.

Look at the list of past and present directors and advisers : James Baker III, Zbigniew Brzezinskiz, Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft, John Sununu, James A. Baker, IV, Dick Cheney

Next weeks NATO in Georgia maneuvers are the only thing on the immediate horizon to coincide with the opportunities of a pandemic.

There have been opposition demonstrations trying to bring down the Shakasvilli government. If a military flashpoint happens there during the NATO maneuvers, expect a pandemic scare requiring us all to stay at home.

Georgia warns of Russian anti-NATO action

Russia might take provocative action when NATO war games start in Georgia next week, Georgian ambassador to the US, Batou Koutelia, has said.

“When we see at the highest political level, the president of the Russian federation (Dmitry Medvedev) declares that he views these exercises as a provocation directed against Russian interests and they are prepared to act, it raises concerns that there might be some provocations,”  […]

The Georgian diplomat, who has recently arrived in Washington from Tbilisi where he was the deputy defense minister, said this time the Georgian reaction would be different.

“If it happens, we are determined to have reactions together with our partners and allies, NATO member countries, United States. And we will have a joint reaction on this,” he said.   –more–


And how does NATO start a conflict in Georgia? With a false flag …

And how illogical have all the other conflicts been over the last few years?

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May 2, 2009 at 12:53 pm

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Russia’s Lavrov and Venezuela’s Chavez are using the Fxxx word. Tabloidy (but war like) news from Guardian and Telegraph.

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Russia’s Lavrov and Venezuela’s Chavez are using the Fxxx word. Tabloidy news from Guardian and Telegraph.

Venezuela: Hugo Chávez expels US ambassador amid claims of coup plot

Expulsions and aggressive language raise stakes in long-running diplomatic battle between US and Venezuela

President Hugo Chávez last night ordered the US ambassador to leave Venezuela within 72 hours and accused Washington of fomenting a coup attempt against his socialist revolution.

Chávez also ordered Venezuela’s ambassador to Washington to return home and threatened to cut oil supplies, plunging relations between the countries to a new low. “Go to hell a hundred times, fxxxing Yankees,” he told a televised rally thronged with supporters clad in red. Source


And Russia’s foreign minister, Lavrov:

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September 12, 2008 at 9:17 pm

Human nature is naturally kind, caring and trusting! How have we ended up all chained up? Interfering, Conspiring, Protecting

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Human nature is naturally kind and caring!

There is a clip (which I cannot find) of a famous documentary where white men meet some primitive natives in Papua New Guinea. They have never seen a white man before. And they smile!!! This is natural. This is within us all!

The fact of the matter is that every child – every child – at the age of four or five is fascinated by the rest of the world. That deep interest in other things that are alive is there in every single one of us and it so happens that for some of us, that interest gets diverted. But that’s an impoverishment of your mental life.

David Attenborough

How have we ended up all chained up? Interfering, Attacking, Defending, Conspiring, Protecting, Disgusting, Entangled, Judging, Lying …

The white man goes to the Americas and kills at least a 100 million people.

Same in Australia, and the rest of the colonization; When a British ship would leave England to colonize India, it would take six months to get there!

Then they could use gun powder.

What is wrong with western culture?

Is today not just a continuation?

All our wars are the same as the 19th Century resource wars. The Capitalists home in on the resources.

And the theologians can show the truth.

Our wars are driven by a need to overhaul a culture. That is to interfere in other humans lives.

Only by losing in battle can the west be stopped.

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September 11, 2008 at 12:50 am

Closerview: Ukraine and Georgia – When the Body Doesn’t Listen to the Head. (The internal opposition is growing.)

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closerview.wordpress.com posted this post. He started his blog when the Georgia war started, he speaks Russian, and the wordpress software says he is posting from the US.

Anyway he certainly has a feel for Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. This is just an excerpt so go to the source to see the whole post.

Ukraine and Georgia – When the Body Doesn’t Listen to the Head

Posted by closerview on September 9, 2008

The leaders in Ukraine and Georgia – Yuschenko and Saakashvilli respectively – seem to be losing hold of their governments and their public support is falling each day. News is coming out quite frequently hinting at tensions between the Presidents of the two countries and their governments. Oppositions are using this chance to bring forth their ideas and show what they have to offer their countrymen.

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September 10, 2008 at 1:26 am

Itar-Tass: Czech president blames Georgia for military conflict in Caucasus

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Czech president blames Georgia for military conflict in Caucasus

08.09.2008, 10.52

TOKYO, September 8 (Itar-Tass) – President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus has put the blame on Georgia for the military conflict in the Caucasus. He made this statement in an interview published by the Yomiuri newspaper on Monday.

“Georgia was the first to attack South Ossetia,” stressed the Czech leader. He also called against presenting Russia negatively. “It would be a tragic mistake to picture Russia as a villain and again divide the world in two,” the Czech president stated. “Russia is not the former Soviet Union,” he added.

Touching upon the recognition by Russia of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independents states Klaus noted that such Russia’s step was caused by the recognition of Kosovo by the West. “If there had been no Kosovo, no independence recognition would have taken place,” he noted.

Vaclav Klaus is in the Japanese capital as a scientist-economist to participate in an international scientific forum conducted by the Yomiuri newspaper. Source

H/T www.rense.com

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September 9, 2008 at 7:19 pm

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Anti Russian Cheney with Peres: “Russian arms-dealing reaching Hizbullah.” Israeli press

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The liberal Jews (& not only the Jews) in the US often say the Israeli press is freer than the US MSM (mainstream media).

Anyway it is fair to say Israelis and Jews in general can probably smell when an article is propaganda or serious analysis.

If so, then why bother with the propaganda? Is it for export? Or does it still have an impact on the populations psyche?

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September 7, 2008 at 2:50 am

Ukraine Govt. Falls: PM; “A dictatorship of stupidity, irresponsibility & chaos” What influence Russia, EU & the US?

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If we are witnessing a trend of diminishing Western / Neocon power, then we are also seeing the vacuum being taken up by the rising East, Russia and China.

Will we continue to totter along the same path? Perhaps with some musical chairs with our leaders and various elections.

The logical conclusion to changing path, philosophy and ethos, is a calling to account of those that have led us astray. This is not about revenge or justice. Just simply a way to bury and recognise the wrongs. The Western philosophy and actions have created its own adversaries, either in the form of insurgencies or in rising Russia (from the Iraq war raising the cost of oil) or in the Chinese work house which is now financing the US deficit.

The Neocon way is simply unsustainable. The ‘so called’ allies are bought out friends. And the possibility of either Russia or China out manoeuvring the chess pieces seem quite real.

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Written by morris

September 4, 2008 at 1:45 am

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