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Tough times ahead

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If we need a rethink. If we recognise the need for reordering. Identifying what is wrong is: ‘the pyramid’.

Throughout history we see a select few at top and the masses below. Even Communism had this.

Now with globalisation we are beyond the Emperors and Kings. It’s as if the ‘bone’ that is thrown is ‘nationalism’. In most instances this disguises the reality.

Global financiers now control the governments, yet the people rush off to war as if they are helping their nation.

We just need to think about an alternative to the pyramid. Within the upper peak of the pyramid people compete for their positions. And no one is ready to let their position go.

But we the masses are left farther and farther behind. In short: the pyramid is shrinking.

How dramatic to say: ‘The end of our civilisation approaches’ and how true.

After the deluge there’ll be pacifism. Spin, chaos and confusion is encouraged. False identities, commodities and vaccines. Collecting identities is now called phishing. It is all symptomatic of deception.

If you are as worried as me then you’ll also be thinking for solutions. The ‘nationalism’ has become stunting, instead of allowing people to learn from each other, it just means taking and giving orders.

Perpetuating the delusion is ‘Fiat Money.

Written by morris

March 9, 2009 at 7:03 pm

Debt prison Dees illustration

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Debt prison Dees illustration

Debt prison Dees illustration

Written by morris

January 30, 2009 at 7:16 pm

Video: Max Keiser on Gaza and the Financial Holocaust pt 1/2

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Tipofthehat: whatreallyhappened

Max an experienced orator compares an abused child growing up to become an abusive parent with israel’s memory of the holocaust causing it to behave similarly.

Most discussion of the holocaust is illegal, except for the official line. No one is saying many jews did not die under hitler.

Perhaps more exploration and revelations can save Israel from itself.

Anyway it is a refreshing video news analysis

Written by morris

January 20, 2009 at 5:28 pm

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The empire: Why to let go

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How to maintain an empire?

Or even, how to let it go peacefully?

Obviously in a large empire things go wrong, there are rogue elements, and indeed elements that are below par, that create false avenues, and lead us to waste our energy.

But the old guard in the highest of authority, does not want criticism, it is after all, God’s word that is followed.


Carnage came to Israel, and all those on the Left said, I told you so.

Why wouldn’t they yield, and allow the Arabs independence from the Zionist empire? Well, in 2009 such questions were academic.


So much of the Jewish policing and efforts went into family values, yet an empire of fear was all that evolved. Conversely when looking at the Muslims, they were often more strict regarding family values. With regard to a world empire, Muslims, like the Jews were equally open to the entire world taking on their values.

So why did the Jews fail? According to the Neocons the problem was simply geographic, that so much of the oil was under the land of Muslims.

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Written by morris

November 20, 2008 at 12:51 am

Bloomberg: Berlusconi Says Leaders May Close World’s Markets

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The picture is not from this article

(Update1) By Steve Scherer

Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) — Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said political leaders are discussing the idea of closing the world’s financial markets while they “rewrite the rules of international finance.”

“The idea of suspending the markets for the time it takes to rewrite the rules is being discussed,” Berlusconi said today after a Cabinet meeting in Naples, Italy. A solution to the financial crisis “can’t just be for one country, or even just for Europe, but global.”

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell as much 8.1 percent in early trading and pared most of those losses after Berlusconi’s remarks. The Dow was down 0.5 percent to 8540.52 at 10:10 in New York.

Group of Seven finance ministers and central bankers are meeting in Washington today, and will stay in town for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings this weekend. European Union leaders may gather in Paris on Oct. 12, three days before a scheduled summit in Brussels, Berlusconi said today, while Group of Eight leaders may hold a meeting on the crisis “in coming days,” he said.

Berlusconi didn’t give any details about what kind of rules leaders were looking to change, except to say that leaders are “talking about a new Bretton Woods.”

The Bretton Woods Agreements were adopted to rebuild the international economic system after World War II in a hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. The aim of the agreements was to establish a monetary management system, initially by pegging currencies to gold. The IMF was set up later to help manage the international financial system. Source

To contact the reporter on this story: Steve Scherer in Rome at scherer@bloomberg.net

Written by morris

October 10, 2008 at 6:44 pm

Economist: Intentional freezing up of lending markets is strategic behavior of big finance for profiting from the bailout

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This is so believable, that the financiers themselves should exploit and inflame the credit crisis. It is profitable for some, and the added fear and insecurity can be used to distract us from other things. For example giving 25B to the auto industry and passing huge defence budgets.

Updated: New York, Sep 27 20:03
London, Sep 28 01:03
Tokyo, Sep 28 09:03

Bloomberg Press

Hundreds of Economists Urge Congress Not to Rush on Rescue Plan

By Matthew Benjamin

Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) — More than 150 prominent U.S. economists, including three Nobel Prize winners, urged Congress to hold off on passing a $700 billion financial market rescue plan until it can be studied more closely.

In a letter yesterday to congressional leaders, 166 academic economists said they oppose Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s plan because it’s a “subsidy” for business, it’s ambiguous and it may have adverse market consequences in the long term. They also expressed alarm at the haste of lawmakers and the Bush administration to pass legislation.
“It doesn’t seem to me that a lot decisions that we’re going to have to live with for a long time have to be made by Friday,” said Robert Lucas, a University of Chicago economist and 1995 Nobel Prize winner who signed the letter. “The situation may get urgent, but it’s not urgent right now. Right now it’s a financial sector problem.”

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Written by morris

September 28, 2008 at 1:40 am

Bank Borrowing in last week from Fed Already Exceeded Bailout Total – $700 billion figure means nothing –> Infowars

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We might as well start hoping for a peaceful transition (revolution), the system is sick and terminal.

Russia and China will fill the power vacuum. Europe only wants peace. And the Neocons will continue with belicose statements. Although we could guess they are rapidly losing support amongst their own supporters. Perhaps they still have the CIA, as in cross border raids into Pakistan, but maybe they have lost the military. Turkey and other countries are afraid of of the consequences of a quick US withdrawal from iraq.

And it is the War on Terror that has bankrupted the US.

Bank Borrowing From Fed Already Exceeded Bailout Total in Last Week
$700 billion figure means nothing

Steve Watson Infowars.net Friday, Sept 26, 2008

U.S. banks borrowed $188 billion per day on average in the latest week from the Federal Reserve, meaning that the Fed loaned out more money than the Treasury’s proposed bailout in just one week, still barely managing to keep the economy afloat.

Federal Reserve data showed on Thursday the total amount banks borrowed nearly quadrupled the previous record of $47.97 billion per day notched just the week before, Reuters reports.

$188 billion per day on average over the course of five days means that the total amount borrowed from the Fed in the week ending the 24th September stood at $940 billion – a figure that easily eclipses the proposed $700 billion bailout.

As we have already reported, the $700 billion number was simply pulled out of thin air by the Treasury.
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Written by morris

September 27, 2008 at 9:59 pm

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