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4 Videos Neturei Karta explains …

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Written by morris

September 24, 2009 at 10:17 am

Video: Palestinian Al Quds Day Demo London NK Rabbi speaks out

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More about the Demonstration here:

Anti-Islamists target Palestinian rally in central London

and here:

Al Quds Day

More about Neturei Karta Here:

www.nkuk.org or www.nkusa.org

There is a TV ad for the Demo here:


This is part of the youtube description given:

Al Quds-Day is the oldest annual international demonstration in support of Palestine.

It was inaugurated by Imam Khomeini on 16th August 1979, on the first Ramadan after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. He declared the last Friday of the holy month as Al-Quds Day – a day for solidarity with the oppressed, in particular with the oppressed in Palestine.

Written by morris

September 14, 2009 at 2:46 am

Could the Jews overthrow their masters?

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The religious Jews are the guardians of the Jewish faith, and very possibly hold some secrets about the history of humans, possibly our origins,  and the Vatican might also know such things.

Israel is governed by Jewish law, and most in Israel are upset with not being allowed to have civil marriages. This is probably the focus of the bitterest discontent with the religious hold on society, although religious exemption from military service is a runner up.

But reality is that it is all of civic society that is under religious rule. No Prime Minister of Israel or Prime Minister of another country visiting Israel cannot be seen to be at the Western Wall, the remains of the second Jewish temple in Jerusalem.

Pictures from: http://www.note2god.com/b_gallery/

If there are accusations that the West is being run by Jews, then it is the religious ones, obviously not all, there is Neturei Karta as one exception. They are a community unto themselves. And yet it seems there is some effort somewhere to have mayhem in secular society. Look at our Prison rates and the amount of fear in everyday life.

There is also the question of our foreign policies over the last years, pivoting on murder, torture and vendetta. Thousands of Iraqi Academics have been assassinated. And similar policies are evident in Israel. This is not a chance coincidence.

Meanwhile a race of Israelis go around the world upholding their orders. The basic premise of Jewishness is hereditary since the Bible, and through the Mother. And all Israelis will fight because of this belief.

That leaves all the rest of secular society without this shared goal, apart from not challenging the holocaust, which in effect puts Jews above everyone else. This is a hell of a burden for the Jews.

Why were three yeshiva students busted with 90,000 ecstasy tablets in Japan?


On a larger scale, what is the effect of this?

It destabilizes society, thereby making it more malleable.

The Japanese have shown a consistent reluctance to assist in the war on terror.

Above screenshot from:


Same story available here:



If civil society was not in mayhem with Drink, Drugs and deviance we would all live more harmoniously. And  there would be no need for a hidden ruling class.

What I have come to accept is that Jewishness is cultural and not blood related. I assume the religious know that this corresponds to the facts on the ground, yet it is not possible to proclaim this loudly.

Hence a duplicitousness is ever present, and in the hand me down orders, this duplicitousness manifests in anti humane actions. All from sublimating a mythology for a truth

And the vendettas, and the revenge, and the life sentences of harrassment and malignment, it is all necessary in order to uphold a hidden ruling elite.

Written by morris

May 4, 2009 at 1:26 am

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