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Dissolving the Zionist BackUp Disk

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Correlating Hegemony, Wars and Psyops, and the need to make money from money, hasn’t it brought us to the abyss?


Written by morris

December 20, 2010 at 6:20 am

On The Need to Dissolve the Jewish Identity

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Judaica today appears to be a call for propping up pillars. How about a peaceful dismantling? Theodore Herzl the ‘Father’ of modern Israel first proposed that Jews abandon their faith and assimilate. But it seems the Non-Jews perceived this as opportunism, and so the idea was abandoned.

We are in an age of mass killings, secretive elites, and our rights are constantly being taken away. Western (Jewish) values and justifications are looking more like a Paper Tiger than ever.


Written by morris

December 17, 2010 at 4:50 pm

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Judaism – Now it’s a Front

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Written by morris

October 26, 2010 at 12:44 pm

Blinkered Israelis raised to hate

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The commandos attacking the FreeGaza Flotilla were doing it for God, Country and Judaism. They knew their deeds were for the Jews, to help the Jewish nation, and they had to act as Jews for Jews. And the same is true for the commanders that gave the orders, indeed the Israeli government Ministers that have orchestrated this policy.


That is also why they assist in the Iraq and AfPak wars, why they challenge Iran and any doubters.


Will Israel get away with it? Yes, Obama might even come out in open support, it is anyway actions that count not words. Sooner or later, Israel will go too far, that is certain, seeped in a myth unsubstantiated by empirical / scientific evidence. The Israelis are left to punish the whole world until the whole world promotes the Judaic myth.


Their minions; Clinton, Obama etc will continue to sacrifice their own people, and we all sit and wait as the Israelis beckon  Armageddon.


I can hear most Israelis; “The dumb Turks”, “The dumb Goyim”, “The dumb Palestinians”,  a chosen people’s awareness. The truth is Israel is just a part of a greater Jewish project. Judaism is reliant upon segregation, and encouraging the weakening of the human spirit. No doubt this has nothing to do with the Jewish religion, (while true, this acts as a ‘get out clause’ for punishment) in fact very very little of what Jews do or identify with has anything to do with the religion. To be a Jew is now a contradiction in terms. It is rapidly becoming a definition for perversity of the human spirit.

Written by morris

May 31, 2010 at 10:53 am

Rollover Judaica

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There will be Nuremberg trials again. And the Jews behind this war on terror will be in the dock, not because they are Jewish, but because they hid behind it. They forced the Jewish agenda on everyone, including Jews, yet it was only a facade, a fake, a fundamentalism, a concern for profit, retribution and imprisoning people. Over a million dead in Iraq alone. And now they rub their hands in joy at the prospect of loads of Yemenis dying.

The worst thing about modern Judaism is the understanding that everyone will be told what to say and what to do. We even see worldwide legislation in this regard.

If you have nothing to say, then you will not be aware of it.

But every thinker and news editor soon becomes aware of the rules.

And so we end up with a clandestine army, where everyone is complicit in ongoing war crimes, and they are just the more visible effects of a trickle down intelligentsia.


In Jewish thought, the religion places emphasis on a man’s volition. A man’s ability to make a choice, hopefully of sound moral judgement.

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Written by morris

January 18, 2010 at 3:07 pm

The 2010 war between everyone – in the West

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Hieronymus Bosch, Hell Garden of Earthly Delights

It all started strangely, bank defaults in the UK, people queued, the money plummeted, and no amount of government spin helped. Inevitably people turned on the Jews.

Momentarily Israel seemed to garner some strength from being the refuge it had always said it was there for. Many thought it was Zionism reborn, briefly it seemed as though pride and purpose were returning.

In Europe it was like the Inquisition: “you can stay if you give up being Jewish”. And as for Bankers and the like they scarpered and hid for shame. It was the end of capitalism. Strange how it happened overnight.

The “wars without end” suddenly ended, coincidently with the fall of the Jews.

All this was of no immediate help to the Palestinians or the Americans, except, Americans followed suit, and just like the Iron curtain fell, and one country after another shed the Soviets, so it happened in the Capitalist world. Like dominoes, from Japan to Canada, everyone rebelled against the banks, the Jews, the wars, unfortunately it wasn’t a party. Food shortages and poverty took hold. They were anyway unfolding.

But the stranglehold of the propagandising Press ended abruptly. CNN and the BBC went down the drain.

Judaica was now presented as principally a haven for perpetuating central banks and interest rates. While the Jews were the last to accept this, they were nevertheless weakened by their lack of defence. Pointing to the religion seemed a little senseless when few actually followed it.

Some knock on events from the collapsing capitalism, was losing Egypt and Jordan as collaborators in the Jewish craving for eternal punishment. Without the US, the banks, and the Zionists, Israel suddenly came to its senses, it withdrew from the West Bank.

Some Israelis actually started dreaming of being artists instead of security agents. Inevitably a form of civil war erupted amongst the Jews. Their empire in collapse, bickering broke out, it was of such a low level, having grown up in a stew of disinformation. It was the tower of babel all over again.

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Written by morris

December 22, 2009 at 12:44 am

Instant Messaging (IM) with Gaza at Eid time

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[ 28/11/2009 23:35:15] London: Happy Eid

in Gaza: TO YOU TOO

in Gaza: thanx

London: I saw a video on Eid in Gaza on PressTVs web site: http://www.presstv.ir/default.aspx

in Gaza: are you doing well??

London: I don’t think I am doing well, actually.

in Gaza: why?

London: Well I think I make enemies – I have toooo much to say

in Gaza: god bless u

London: Inshalah

in Gaza: Inshalah

London: God doesn’t always make his presence felt. I do think the birds can have messages. Do you have anything in your culture about birds knowing things, or giving messages?

in Gaza: i know a bird was used to send messages from place to place

we call it hamam alzajel

London: But I think the birds for sending messages are trained by humans

in Gaza: right

first the humans take them to the place which they want to send messages to

then they take them back tieing the message on their feet and then let them fly

London: Yes we call them “homing pigeons”, they have competitions with them – the enthusiasts..

in Gaza: aha

London: Have you been busy???

in Gaza: last days ? We were thinking of Sacrificing – in the feast

in Gaza: and my brother and o did it yesterday

London: Sacrificing an animal???

in Gaza: right

this is what all the moslems do in aladha feast

don’t u know about it?

London: This video is called travelers for eid

in Gaza: don’t u know about it?

London: Not very much, sort of hear about it every year, Islamic culture is starting to make a bigger impact in recent years, but it really is kept away from Western Mainstream Media

in Gaza: aha –

it is along story –

but one of the past messengers called (Ibrahim) Peace upon him

dreamed that he is killing his son

and when he wakes up he deals with the dream as an order from Allah

cause the messengers dreams are already messages from Allah

so he tell his son that i saw my self killing u

his son says “dad do what ever u are ordered to do”

when Ibrahim peace upon him started and want to kill his son

Gebril who is an angel responsible for delivering the messages from Allah and the messengers

came from the sky telling Ibrahim that Allah wants to save your son and sends you this goat to Sacrifice it

and it became an order for all on this day to do so even in cows or camels

this day named aladha feast

and there is some conditions for Sacrificing

that’s it

London: I really enjoyed the story – even though often I do not remember later, it has drama because the unexpected happens, and there is a similarity with Hindus from India, because they have someone called Narada, who is a messenger from God.

in Gaza: Narada


I DON’T hear about him before

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Written by morris

November 29, 2009 at 9:27 am

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