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Darwin’s Designer Dogs – Not

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Are we drowning in hoaxes?

Was Darwin yet another hoax?

Are we deliberately being led to stand on a web of falsities?

As for the designer dogs; just when did we breed them?

And why do our Museums and history classes start with the Romans, or just maybe the Greeks or Monotheism, what about all the evidence all around the world for previous civilisations?



Written by morris

January 2, 2011 at 2:45 pm

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The Iron Fist of Zionism

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So many people involved, and doing their best to conquer, to extinguish opposition, to ingratiate others and to enrich themselves and their superiors.

Each person a cog of a bigger mechanism, commonly referred to as a pyramid.


There are a few detractors, individuals who say they don’t want to participate in dominating non Jews. Imagine the apparatus in use to silence and defame them. First of all the detractor needs to be made an example of to all others, lest the idea of being a living organism free to be curious, and free to allow synchronicity, and free to identify with others regardless of their nationality should take hold.


The apparatus reveals its power, it is international, and for every dirty deed done, there needs to be a cover up. Such is the convoluted nature of Jewish rule. No individual can be seen to display original thought. All endeavours are for the tribe, the state, the family, while these attributes may sound reasonable, it is worth realizing they are the tenets of Scientology. Scientologists (I have been told) also believe we are a combination of animal and an alien. I don’t find that impossible to believe. The Bible uses the word Elohim which means Gods, not the singular God but the plural Gods.

Genesis 6 indicates that the “sons of Gods” (B’nai Elohim) took wives of the “daughters of men,” which gave birth to the “Nephilim.”

Quote from the web


Not only are many waiting for the return of the Elohim or the Nephilim, but almost all religions refer to an expected return of a Jesus type saviour, the Shias: a Mahdi, also the Zoroastrians, the Jews are still waiting for the Messiah. Even the American Indians were waiting for a fair skinned saviour, whom they assumed the Conquistadors were.


Back to the thread – “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” – clearly in the dark recesses of our shadowy ruling elite, they know of secrets we are generally oblivious too. Such a reality really could explain their unilateral behaviour in waging wars and stealing from the poor. From Freemasonry to priesthoods there are secret societies. Their secret knowledge of our origins would explain the contempt we are treated with. And also ‘as above, so below’ lends itself to a trickle down modus operandis, resulting in everyone smothered in secrets and secret goals.


We, the plebs and sheeple are kept in the dark, and so with the media embarked on dumbing us down, and insuring we stand on false pillars we are infinitely manipulated.

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Written by morris

February 14, 2010 at 12:24 pm

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