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Don’t Be A Denier – Nick Kollerstrom

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Nick went from riches to much much lower, this all happened after he was accused of being a Holocaust denier – somehow he does not see a connection.

Written by morris

February 15, 2011 at 12:39 am

MP3 sound: Nick Kollerstrom 7/7 9/11 and More! Feb 16 09

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On PressTv: May 2008

Flash required to see the sound player

On July 7th London Bombings, 4 minutes 27:

Holocaust 2 minutes :

Holocaust 2 minutes 44 seconds:

False Flags: Israel, US and the UK 2minutes:

Nazi London Blitz a reaction to British actions against civilians 4 minutes:

9/11   1 minute 23:

More 9/11

Zionism’s role 33 seconds:

Demonizing Muslims2 minutes 30 seconds:

Steiner and the truth:


Video of Nick Kollerstrom here:

ETERNAL WAR AND FALSE FLAG TERROR by Nicholas Kollerstrom, PhD Nov 20, 2008

Other articles by Nick:


Other sources of info on Nick (who has a PHD and is an accomplished authour) on the Web:






And he has been filmed for BBC’s Conspiracy Files to be released this Easter

Holocaust Tyranny Expels Sceptical UK Scientist from Academia

Also see:

Lying anti-semites (Not Kollerstrom)

Written by morris

February 16, 2009 at 10:03 pm

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