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Gulf Oil Crisis The Last Crisis – video and links

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This crisis is going to take everyone down. Capitalism, Corporations and our health.



Lots of reports appearing of it suspiciously having been done deliberately, (Please see my video: LIKELIHOOD OF OIL SPILL BEING SABOTAGE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH1cbO3ern8 )


Also see: http://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2010/06/29/the-ugly-truth-podcast-june-30-2010/


Also see: Gulf oil spill intentional? The BP oil spill continues to poison the sea, and US citizens are starting to feel like there’s more than meets the eye in this story. Thu, 01 Jul 2010 02:28:53 GMT http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=132875&sectionid=3510203


And there are UNSOURCED reports on the internet that Obama warned the G8 of Mega deaths expected from the oil spill.

Written by morris

July 1, 2010 at 12:43 pm

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