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End of Netanyahu Government. If the US MSM continues to reveal the horror of the raid (NBC & ABC so far – see side bar of this blog) then also we can find Israel’s Rahm Emmanuel resigning.

The revulsion for Bankers and Wall Street will grow. In short, a quiet revolution, not necessarily from the masses. For all the talk of Erdogan, the Turkish PM causing the backlash, in reality he has 100% backing from Russia, Iran and the world’s population.

For Israel it was business as usual, what has been going on for decades, it also happened to be the straw that broke it.

What to do with millions of Israeli citizens bred to fight for supremacism? They already scour the earth, and act unilaterally.

Strangely the one group of people who could save the situation is the Israeli leadership. They would need to apologise not only for what happened, but for the mistaken ideology that is causing it.

Instead they will most likely look for a war. And of course that will not work. Nothing has worked for at least a decade.

Written by morris

June 9, 2010 at 4:09 pm

Posted in Flotilla, Gaza, Netanyahu

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