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Bibi is accused of ordering Flotilla massacre

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What happens when Israel panics?
Israel is now at total loggerheads with the worlds nations and people. She became accustomed to “ruling the roost” with her secret benefactors, who shared, “so many secrets”, legally defined as “classified”.
Turkey says Israel’s PM Bibi is a prime suspect, in ordering the murders of the Humanitarian aid workers. If so, was he the first PM to do so, or is it a long tradition? Ariel Sharon was Bib’s political mentor. For the Turkish prosecutor to say this, he must have either been informed through a “leak” or by judging Bibi’s behaviour. He could not have just “imagined” it.


Turkish prosecutors go after Israeli politicians

Israel’s prime minister, defense minister and chief of General Staff are among the prime suspects in an investigation initiated by the İstanbul Bakırköy Prosecutor’s Office into Monday’s military operation against a Gaza-bound civilian aid flotilla that left nine peace activists, all of whom were Turkish citizens, dead. …

To demonstrate that Israel’s intervention was illegal, the prosecutors will emphasize that the ships were in international waters, that the people aboard had waved a white flag of surrender, that the ships were carrying humanitarian aid, that the passengers did not threaten Israel and that no permission for intervention was given by the ships’ captains or countries under whose flags they were sailing. Concrete evidence, such as firing at the victims at close range, and the testimonies of victims will also be included as evidence.



Then again Israel has an official policy of “targeted” killings, there has been much controversy within Israel that even these killings are beyond what the law allows. It has been widely reported that the “Rachel Corrie” was mechanically sabotaged by the Israelis, and it was carrying VIPs. We can assume they were to be spared the hostile treatment that the rest of the Flotilla received.
And Israel is pushing the US to up the ante on North Korea. This is Israel’s only modus operandis, when there is trouble, sow conflict.

US demands global action against North Korea

Meanwhile, as the US economy sinks, thanks  to the NeoCon wars, and the Neo Liberal economics, the Gulf spill looks set to decimate a lot of the US.
Why are there so many Jews involved in all that is going wrong? NeoCon wars, NeoLiberal Economics, Cheney’s Halliburton. And Israel’s arrogance.
I am certain it is nurture and not nature. That is: if any of the warring Jews had been adopted then they would have different traits.
Which leaves us all to question just who is in charge? In charge of the Jews that is. It seems that pride has turned to ignorance and arrogance.
Now we often concur that it does not matter which of our political parties achieve power, they are still doing the bidding of the corporates. Democrat or Republican, Labour or Conservative, there is very little between them. Now it must be the same for the Jews, Zionism and Israel.  All the talk of the “Illumanati”, “Bilderbergs”, “AIPAC”. Is no doubt correct.
But all their levers of power are very secret, and can be ruthless.
We are headed for a revolution. It will spell the end of the Jewish century, and all the so-called liberalisms.
It would be nice to think the Jews could actually rise up. But they perhaps, know better than anyone just how fierce their masters are.
Jewish policy, exemplified by Israel, is in tatters. It’s in tatters logistically, and morally. And there is a secretive Jewish oligarchy, defining all issues biblically, and it is not working, and they not only display their unilateralism in their dealings with Palestinians and Aid workers, but also in international affairs, and in treatment of Jews who dissent.
It is past its sell by date, it just didn’t work, the Jewish philosophy is bankrupt in the 21st Century. Let’s hope they don’t do anything too stupid.

We can expect some kind of blame game to start, some heads will roll. But nobody is going to question the ideology. That is the domain of the secretive groups.

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June 5, 2010 at 11:25 pm

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