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Turkey has already destroyed the Israeli Govt, and its military is also ready

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Known for being the voice of Israeli Intelligence

Poised on the Brink, They Have Burned Most Bridges

Turkey builds up and holds ready for action against Israel a large air, sea and marine force in the Turkish sector of Cyprus should Israel stand by its refusal to lift the Gaza blockade and stop Turkish boats bound for the enclave.

They Walked into a Turkish Trap

Israel blinded itself to the changing winds in Ankara after pro-Islamic Recep Erdogan succeeded in gaining control of Turkey’s armed forces. This enabled Turkish intelligence to lay a trap for Israel.

Erdogan Has Three Follow-up Scenarios Ready

The Turkish leader is sinking millions of dollars to build a large new flotilla for blowing Israel’s blockade sky high and tightening the international diplomatic siege around Israel.

Political Lynch in Broad Daylight, While Washington Stands by

Amid his charm offensive for American Jewry, Obama lets Israel down in the international arena – especial in its war on terror and nuclear weapons.

The Flotilla Indirectly Altered the Middle East Balance of Strength

Hamas suddenly discovered that its most effective weapon against Israel is not the Iranian missiles but Turkish block-busting ships and their propaganda impact.

And Israel has united the Turks! Suddenly the secular and the Islamicists are all together in their revulsion of the Israeli atrocities.

How small minded are Israel’s rulers? To be presiding over constant daily atrocities. It is just that this time it was not hapless Palestinians.

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June 4, 2010 at 3:12 am

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