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The world awaits Israel’s next blunder

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As long as Israel pursues a policy of denying children crayons, of punishing an entire ethnic people, and refusing to acknowledge the elected Hamas, it is doomed, it is simply indefensible, and every action will be wrong.


We can expect the Rachel Corrie to offer “Disobedience”, and this is indigestible to the Israelis. Whatever the Israelis do – it will be wrong.


If only the Israelis could seize the moment, and do some soul searching, it is extremely unlikely. Today’s Haaretz editorial is saying just that:


Exit strategy: Lifting the Gaza blockade


Instead of insisting on continuing a policy that has failed, Netanyahu should pull himself together and minimize the damage of the naval operation. … Statesmanship is measured by the ability to distinguish between what is important and what is not. Netanyahu and Barak, who dragged Israel into a foolish struggle of prestige with Hamas and its supporters, erred by selecting a violent and damaging form of action. They failed in this week’s test of statesmanship.



The issue is not how to deal with the blockade busters.

The issue is ALL of Israel’s policies.


May 31 young American activist loses an eye, after the IDF shoots her - and her jaw is broken and more - this is the Jewish state

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June 4, 2010 at 11:39 am

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