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Although the world changes – Israel does not

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The Israeli leadership and most of the population continue to heap praise on the Israeli commandos, just as they did in Lebanon and Gaza.


The only way forward is therefore, as it was in the past, start another conflict. For example in 1981 Israel invaded Lebanon, right after Britain went to war in the Falklands. And now all eyes are on the Rachel Corrie ship, and the increasingly expected Turkish military escort, which unlike Israel is a NATO member.


from whatreallyhappened.com

Conflict in Korea would get the headlines away from Israel, not actually change anything, but it is anyway worth a shot, and the same mentality that caused this Flotilla debacle. China has a defence treaty with North Korea, and in any conflict a Nuclear powered US aircraft carrier is sure to be downed, so already there is a “Nuclear” angle. Russia and China don’t accept that North Korea sunk the South Korean corvette (and they have both sent  formidable Naval resources to the area). And judging by the local South Korean elections nor does the South korean population, as they just voted down their ruling party.


from: whatreallyhappened.com

A conflict between Columbia and Venezuela, or India and Pakistan might help matters. There is of course no long term view, just “buying time” and more of the same. Which is curious, any normal person would look at the achievements of Israel, and wonder why they don’t backtrack two steps and see themselves as the most miraculous achievement of the 20th Century. No, instead, pure fanaticism means more and more bloodshed and suffering for everyone.

But unfortunately, the Hubris of being “The chosen” means, by definition, everyone else is incompetent. And that is going to be Israel’s undoing. And the way things are going, it’ll be “sooner rather than later”.


from: whatreallyhappened.com


If Israel goes down, there is going to be a big mess everywhere in the West. Particularly in the Anglo Saxon world, where Zionists have a stranglehold over all politics, policies and financial institutions, and of course the media.


I don’t know enough history, but in the French and Russian revolutions, it was not a “clean sweep”, the change of power, there were many volatile swings, and temporary governments before things stabilised. In other words, imagine what would replace our Judeo centric politics? Ron Paul’s Libertarianism? Nasrallah’s Islam? Obama’s communism? It is a big mess…. A tower of Babel…


One missile hitting Dimona, on any one of Israel’s hundreds of Nukes – would probably ….

Written by morris

June 3, 2010 at 10:37 pm

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