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Now the US really cannot leave Iraq or Afghanistan

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The map shows the growing military alliance against Israel to include Turkey, and Russia has a military base in Syria, and is arming the Syrians and Lebanon and Iran.


That the US (NATO) has troops in Iraq is also a deterrent to any Syrian actions. That the US has troops in Afghanistan keeps Pakistan at bay. And all these troops are supposed to threaten Iran, no doubt they were originally intended to get into Iran (NeoCon strategy).
Now if the US leaves Iraq and Afghanistan, first of all Pakistan would immediately join in any military alliance against Israel. The Pakistani press has referred to Israeli involvement for years, also, over 90% of the Pakistani population deeply resents all the trouble that America has brought them.
It seems like crunch time. The tragedy of humanitarian volunteers being killed is one thing, to see it erupt into a World War is another.
The only policy that Israel and the US are following, is corrupting a class of puppeteers, and collectively punishing whole populations (War crimes). This is the reality, from Gaza, to the bombings in Iraq, to the drone attacks in Pakistan, and the civilian murders in Afghanistan. The choice is to continue this action or not. And they do not have a moral leg to stand on.

Part 2:

A couple of months ago the British press was quoting senior civil servants and those in Government saying “the special relationship with the US is over”, there were calls to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan, and also of a shortage of hospital beds in the UK because of those wounded in Afghanistan.


Suddenly around the same time, the largest British Corporations get into trouble. British Airways is repeatedly grounded through strike action, apparently from victimization of staff, an easily orchestrated event. The Prudential gets into trouble trying to buy an Asian insurance company, and Cheney’s Halliburton manages to make a “fix” on British Petroleum’s Gulf rig.



A cryptic last line: When the Russians overthrew the Tzars, it did not mean denying they were All Russians. The Jews (Israelis?) could overthrow their masters, and if its important, they could stay as Jews. The Iranian’s didn’t stop being Iranian’s when they overthrew the shah.


We are being run by an “Old Guard”, descendents of Jabotinsky, Sharon, Wolfowitz, Bibi, and secretive elites in Western Metropolises. And none of them know to “respect one’s enemy”. And they are taking us all to disaster.

Written by morris

June 2, 2010 at 10:16 pm

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