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Judaism today has become a euphemism for capitalistic control

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The real issue is the Jewish ethos, not Israel’s policies, they are just the symptoms, they are just the manifestation, of not only Jewish thought, but Jewish power, and presumably Jewish laws. The Jewish ethos elected by those in power, by the secretive elite that is financing the right wing extremism, and punishing any and all humanists.
It is seemingly sacrilegious to feel for another people, this was the crime of the humanitarian aid workers. How could people from OTHER ethnic backgrounds feel for the Gazans? This is intolerable to the meaning of Jewishness. And in fact a big threat to Jewishness! That is why Israel has no Peace Corps. And even the few Israeli human rights organisations that there are,  are victimized. It is the Jewish elders who insist on everyone in the whole world experiencing an “otherness”. Unlike both Christianity and Islam which can and do welcome all comers.
But Judaism is strictly a pyramid. Until Jews, particularly Israelis can become aware of being a part of humanity, not in charge of humanity, until they can learn the financial stranglehold that Jews maintain, and that the inculcated Jewish pride is designed to ensure the upholding of this tight leash on all purse strings, by creating a self imposed subservience, a standing army ready to fight for Jewish supremacists.  All in the guise of “freetrade”, “Matriarchy”, etc etc.
But to challenge Judaism is almost a taboo, almost forbidden, yet crunch time is knocking on the Judaic door. One can challenge the politicians, and the policies, but not Judaism. Unfortunately it is becoming a sham unfolding, all perpetrated by fundamentalism. If there could be a discussion on Judaic principles, on discovering historical truths, on what it means to be a Jew, then there could be a peaceful solution. But no discussion is allowed.

Written by morris

June 2, 2010 at 6:57 pm

Posted in Jewish Lobby, jewish mafia, Jews, Zionism

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