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Israel died last night, it really really did!

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Logistically it cannot wage a war on all the enemies it has made. Syria, Lebanon, Iran and now Turkey, and of course the world’s citizens. It doesn’t understand the sentiment of the world, because of an underlying contempt for non Jews. Israel is supported by the richest nations and their biggest corporations. And even with all of Fort Knox funneled into Israel, it cannot survive. In fact the lack of a recession, the lack of economic reality is Israel’s very real enemy.
The entire population supported in a false cocoon.
Israel’s defence Minister Ehud Barak will surely go to pasture, years of blunders, Lebanon, Gaza and now the Flotilla. Unfortunately no one is going to replace him that will make the smallest bit of difference. Then there is Lieberman, Bibi etc. And all supported by secret shadowy interests. Let us at least be clear on one thing: “Jews kill”. Mostly those that cannot defend themselves.
The Irish Foreign Minister is threatening serious consequences if any harm comes to the Irish, who are on their way to Gaza. Doesn’t he know Israel’s friends will break the Irish economy overnight, and they won’t lose any sleep doing it. And isn’t he aware of the unfortunate accidents that would befall his family?


The Jews in (and out of) Israel are so much in the dark about how their country is run. Maybe one in three people work for security, all of them have classified information, so their souls are tortured with secrets. And all the time the “pride” of being Jewish is shovelled on everyone. Most people are not even religious, yet they dare not question what it means to be Jewish? It means supporting a Kosher Nostra, Fiat money, homosexuality (sorry to mention it, but it is a fundamental part of the ruling governments conducting our genocidal wars), and for a fortunate few, they are allowed to be waived as “the good Jew”, maybe they are involved in Art or similar.
But the real nitty gritty is about vicious unilateralism. And with the way that world Jewry’s private Israel project is kept going, a shrouded secret, we are left with fascists, largely because they are unaware of reality, only they know myths, and most of the real workings of the state and its supporters are considered “classified” info. So there is a naivety in the Israelis, what an irony to say that murderous butchers are naive, but it is true. Anyway naivety is no excuse, and no defence.
Yes Israel died last night, it will never get up, and all because it wanted to punish one and half million Gazan’s who were evicted from their original homes. And it wanted to punish the Humanitarian aid workers (apparently the IDF was complete with assassination lists). We are allowed to point fingers at the politicians, and to criticise them, but we dare not point to the powers behind them. Soon it will be time to write an orbituary for the Jewish Century, courtesy of Israel.


Israeli students demonstrate at Haifa University in support of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) assault on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla yesterday. Photograph: Baz Ratner/Reuters



btw: Turkey has the eighth largest navy (in terms of staff) in the world, and the third largest in Europe in terms of displacement. They have the second largest standing military in NATO (behind the US, of course). Turkey isn’t some kind of pushover. from: reddit.com


Alleged Death list mistakenly dropped by Israeli commandos on board ship

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June 1, 2010 at 11:27 pm

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