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Israel cannot back down

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It simply does not know how to. The spin has already been pouring out. Barak, Bibi, Lieberman, the three masters at the helm. As terminal as Israel’s actions appear, with all the world aghast, will make no difference. They have the media and the corporations. It can only lead to a rupture within world Jewry itself.
Israel’s behaviour  is going to undo the whole shebang, Capitalism, Judaism, Corporatism and whatever ways of sustenance we are used to. We saw her behaviour in Gaza, when the whole world went against its actions, Israel was never contrite. And now the same. When the Organ harvesting stories broke, Israel admitted to nothing, only later did the truth come out. And now having slaughtered some innocents, but not the normal “Arabs” Israel is still saying it did nothing wrong. And that is not going to change.
The religion states clearly that non-Jews are not equals. While a lot of religion can be viewed with wisdom in a metaphorical sense. What we are in fact witnessing is very banal, very real, and doomed to get worse.
To make matters worse we can consider the stolen ID’s, again no remorse. Because hegemony and supremacism is all that matters.
We are seeing an Iron fist at work. And the Iron fist is also used against internal dissenters. There is no where to hide, no where to run. The UN, NATO and the EU all condemn, it will not budge the unilateral people. Of course it is all going to end up in a huge amount of bloodshed. Would or could any Israelis call on getting the settlers out of the West Bank, of recognising Hamas, no, forget all reasonable ideas. War and killing is all that is ahead. And the US and the EU and NATO will be called upon to continue their bloodshed.

The leaders of Israel and their Zionist supporters are experienced warriors, and their gut reaction now, will be to start a conflict somewhere, maybe Korea, or somewhere else. They cannot and will not see or treat others as equals.
And we have the current story of Israel’s nuclear weapons. It is sending Nuclear armed submarines to the Gulf. Is it not obvious that Israel’s nuclear weapons (and Dimona) are targets? Maybe those Subs are going to be needed in the Mediterranean. The ideology driving Israel is obviously unfit for its geopolitical stature. A fifth of the world’s arms exports, a military ranked in the top five of the world. All coupled with a barbaric craving for collective punishment, and common assaults on innocents. One can only wonder how many Israelis and their supporters actually realize how doomed their ideology is.

Written by morris

June 1, 2010 at 12:36 am

Posted in Flotilla, Gaza, israel

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