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21 year old American activist loses eye from IDF in West Bank

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ISMer loses eye on West Bank flotilla demo

Posted May 31, 2010 by talestotell

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 21 year old American activist loses eye after being shot in face with tear gas canister

31 May 2010: An American solidarity activist was shot in the face with a tear gas canister during a demonstration in Qalandiya, today. Emily Henochowicz is currently in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem undergoing surgery to remove her left eye, following the demonstration that was held in protest to Israel’s murder of at least 10 civilians aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters this morning. Read more the ISM pages here

There is more here: http://talestotell.wordpress.com


What will Israel do when it has to fight another military, and not kidnap people at 3.00 am, or shoot at women and children?

Written by morris

June 1, 2010 at 12:56 am

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