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Blinkered Israelis raised to hate

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The commandos attacking the FreeGaza Flotilla were doing it for God, Country and Judaism. They knew their deeds were for the Jews, to help the Jewish nation, and they had to act as Jews for Jews. And the same is true for the commanders that gave the orders, indeed the Israeli government Ministers that have orchestrated this policy.


That is also why they assist in the Iraq and AfPak wars, why they challenge Iran and any doubters.


Will Israel get away with it? Yes, Obama might even come out in open support, it is anyway actions that count not words. Sooner or later, Israel will go too far, that is certain, seeped in a myth unsubstantiated by empirical / scientific evidence. The Israelis are left to punish the whole world until the whole world promotes the Judaic myth.


Their minions; Clinton, Obama etc will continue to sacrifice their own people, and we all sit and wait as the Israelis beckon  Armageddon.


I can hear most Israelis; “The dumb Turks”, “The dumb Goyim”, “The dumb Palestinians”,  a chosen people’s awareness. The truth is Israel is just a part of a greater Jewish project. Judaism is reliant upon segregation, and encouraging the weakening of the human spirit. No doubt this has nothing to do with the Jewish religion, (while true, this acts as a ‘get out clause’ for punishment) in fact very very little of what Jews do or identify with has anything to do with the religion. To be a Jew is now a contradiction in terms. It is rapidly becoming a definition for perversity of the human spirit.

Written by morris

May 31, 2010 at 10:53 am

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