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Israeli Military propoganda footage of the Israeli commandos being attacked

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Is Israel able to plant agent provocateurs on board? Israel is ONLY capable of planting agent provocateurs on board. Just as will be seen at any demo in the West where Israel is concerned.

The fact is, Israel is engaged in the murder of the defenseless throughout the world. There is no longer any hope of Israel defending itself against criticism or justice.


Now we get to sit and wait for some bullsh*t from the Israeli government and Debka, on how necessary it is to murder, kidnap and collectively punish.


Meanwhile Turkey has withdrawn its ambassador from Israel. Netanyahu has cancelled his visit with Obama. And we must wonder what military alliances have been formed, to include now, Turkey and Russia.


From Mondoweiss, some excerpts:

Noam Sheizaf summary:

2:30 PM: Israel Ch1 military reporter: Islamic leader Raed Salah “alive and well” – reports of him injured and in surgery are a case of mistaken id.

2:15 PM: commentary round up:

Bradley Burston (Haaretz): We are no longer defending Israel. We are now defending the siege, which is itself becoming Israel’s Vietnam.

Aluf Ben (Haaretz): Netanyahu should stop US trip, come home and form an official commission of inquiry. excuses that activists were armed won’t work [Hebrew].

Ian Black (Guardian): Israel’s bloody interception of the Gaza flotilla looks like a disastrous own goal… this was a gift to Israel’s worst enemies.

Amos Harel (Haaretz): If rumors are confirmed that Muslim leader Raed Salah is among casualties of Israel’s raid on a Gaza aid convoy, the country’s Arab population could explode.

Glenn Greenwald (Salon): If Israel’s goal were to provoke as much disgust and contempt as possible, how could it do a better job?


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May 31, 2010 at 5:10 pm

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