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Plugging the oil spill is looking like plugging a volcano – no chance

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That Cheney’s Halliburton was on the scene is more than enough reason to suspect foul play, add to that Halliburton’s recent acquisition of an oil spill clean up company, and finally that BP safety executives were on the rig as it exploded, it all stinks.


But have they outdone themselves? Will this crisis spell the end of the Jewish century? Just as Wall Street started to assume the reputation of fraudsters, now oil companies are to join them, in other words: “Corporations”, the very institutions of speculation and profit.


Hurricanes and toxic dispersal agents loom large for spreading all across the Eastern US. Whatever contributions the Jewish century made, being kind to nature was last on the list. The cast is set, the people are so tired of the rotten wars, the clap trap and spin of the media, and the polished politicians.


Yet the remorseless punishment continues, whether it is BA against the cabin crew, or the Israelis at home against the Palestinians. And all the time they are miscalculating.


Neither Russia nor China are accepting that North Korea sank the South Korean Corvette. And Russia recently signed a contract to build nuclear Power stations for Turkey. Only a few months ago Russia was threatening to sue Turkey for Billions for reneging on the same agreement. Has Russia also made a tacit military understanding with Turkey? Russia does have a military port next door in Syria. Could Israel lose its entire Navy in the blink of an eye?


The Israelis are so blinkered to hegemony and punishment, that is why they continually underestimate their enemies.  At this end of the Jewish century, we can consider the innocent civilians being slaughtered in Iraq and AfPak, the Palestinians being tortured or just deprived in Israeli prisons, and the relentless deprivations visited on anyone not prepared to champion, Zionism, Gays and Alcohol.

Written by morris

May 29, 2010 at 12:52 am

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