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Is there such a concept as “reforming” the Jewish religion?

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We are witnessing the demise of our societies, loss of income is only one aspect, there is also the rise in street crime, betrayal and all other sundry items. Everyone harks back to the good old days, when you did not need to lock your door.

It also happens to be the Jewish Century, not to say street crime is such a problem in Jewish areas.
The Taliban and the tribals in Pakistan do not have yobbos either, yet we bomb them to bring democracy. Nor do they allow homosexuality. And while it is true there are gays fighting for justice (with the proviso of promoting Gay liberation), it is also true the governments that have ordered our genocidal wars have gays in high positions. Judging from the Gay party in the US embassy in Baghdad, we can safely assume it is a part of our wars aims. It is also a part of modern Judaism, perhaps not the religious, but all other Jews are obliged to accept it, which is the same thing as saying “promote” it.
The Taliban and the Tribals also ban alcohol, and yet again, a modern Jew is obliged not to criticize alcohol.
In case you ask: “How can you lump all the modern Jews together”, because it is an autocratic culture, enforcing segregation, when that is realized, it becomes clear how the Zionists are as they are.
Libertarianism has been a great ideal, and Ron Paul is a splendid thinker. But when everything is falling apart, far away and in our faces, some form of order is required.
I propose Sharia law, that is Islamic laws, without the “worship”, outlaw speculation (Wall Street corporations) Alcohol and the promotion of Gay culture.
A chief Rabbi (whoever that might be) could solve all the world’s problems. IMHO the religious Jews are the most powerful people on earth. Whether it is the PM of Israel, the UK or the Pres. of America, they are but actors on a stage. There is an inward spiraling gangsterism running all that is going on, and they see their unilateral rights as derived from Judaica.
Is there such a concept as “reforming” the Jewish religion? Or must it be only what was written 3000 years ago? We are on a boat in a storm, and the Captain is only looking at the charts.

Written by morris

May 9, 2010 at 9:48 pm

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  1. What Wall Street does is not SPECULATION but ROBBERY.

    Gamblers bet what is in their wallets, not yours.

    Steven Berry

    December 18, 2011 at 6:51 pm

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