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Hamas offers amnesty to ‘Israel collaborators’

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Interesting to see this headline in the Israeli press. It sounds credible rather than disinfo. Jewish rule is so absolute, so full of secrets, and so often loathsome of the truth, even jews and Goyim have to hold the “official line”.


And the poor Palestinians, God knows what deviousness took place to get them to collaborate, lots of stories appearing that to get medical attention in Israel, that the price is collaboration.


How long before we read the headline: UK Conservatives (or US Democrats) offer amnesty to “Israel collaborators”.

Hamas offers amnesty to ‘Israel collaborators’

Government in Gaza says two-month amnesty period meant to ensure that ‘all those who betrayed their people and homeland get on the right track.’ Interior ministry: We know the malignant tricks Israel uses to blackmail collaborators and trick them


Ali Waked – Published: 05.09.10, 21:56 / Israel News


After executing two Gaza residents last month, the Hamas government on Sunday announced a period of amnesty for Palestinians “who have collaborated with Israeli security forces” during which they can turn themselves in exchange for a pardon.


It remains unclear whether the “collaborators” will be granted a full pardon or relatively light sentences.


The amnesty period will last from May 8 – July 10 and is meant to “protect the Palestinian people,” Hamas Interior Ministry spokesman Ihab Al-Ghussein said.


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