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The Gulf Oil spill will reach Europe

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The world is holistic, we learn with age, and even karma exists. Everything is connected. Our popular culture specializes in degrading the human spirit. Hollywood and computer games abound in gore and violence.
Then there is the seemingly wanton destruction of the planet from Monsanto to False Flags. So what happened in the Gulf oil rig? That Halliburton was working on the oil well  immediately before its explosion is just one cog for suspicion.
Did BP want to do business with Iran? Was it Wall Street’s way to say no to any scrutiny? Was it the rising questions about US support for Israel? The Oil spill is of such catastrophic proportions, very few people are mentioning the likelihood of the oil being carried by the Gulf stream to Europe. If enough oil spills it can kill much if not all of the world’s oceans.
It smells like “If we are to sink, then we’ll take everyone down with us”.
There is unfortunately a body of people dedicated to keeping society in mayhem, there is no easier way to rule, than to ensure that the perversity of man’s natural spirit is wantonly encouraged. Chaos is the food of the ruling elite. There are no doubt pockets of good souls amongst them. But there is an active international army conjuring up mayhem on a continual basis. Ensuring fear and alienation amongst the population.
It is now only a matter of time before an international revolution takes hold. This awareness will feed the scaremongers and the false flaggers. What a shame to live in such dangerous times, with such dangerous people, and how sad that they appear respectable.



Written by morris

May 7, 2010 at 8:24 pm

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