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Is the Oil Spill a 9/11? Video

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Some quotes about bankers from WRH over the last few days:


A Clear Warning Sign: Global Liquidity Is Drying Up!
Webmaster’s Commentary:
Yes, the Federal Reserve is creating new money hand over fist but that cash is not going into general circulation but into the Wall Street bailouts and from there into the pockets of the financial elites. Commerce in the real world is grinding to a halt!

– The goal posts have moved, the money is used for putting in circulation in Afghanistan and Iraq – and it is virtually the national currency in those places. And by way of its channeling, it supports mercenaries, corruption and all anti Islamic possibilities. As for the natives of the USA and the UK, they too only get lucrative pay by supporting the genocidal imperialist aims.


European Central Bank chief Jean-Claude Trichet’s announcement that the Bank for International Settlements is to become the primary engine for global governance is a shocking admission given the fact that this ultra-secretive menagerie of international bankers was once controlled by top Nazis who, in collusion with global central banks, funneled money through the institution which directly financed Hitler’s war machine.

But nothing has changed, our banks are now also used for genocidal aims. And starting with Petraeus there has been obvious signs of disquiet, similarly in the UK, with calls for an end to the special relationship with the US.


9/11 was a coup which included the Pentagon, the oil spill is the same mentality…

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May 2, 2010 at 11:28 pm

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