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When a Jew isn’t a Jew

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If a Jew converts to Christianity , for example like Brother Nathanael Kapner then he identifies himself as a Christian, no problem, and even gets quoted in the Israeli press. The same is true for Bob Dylan and Vanunu and no doubt many others.
But if a Jew says I am a non believer or a conscientious objector, or there are too many myths and I no longer identify with being a Jew, then there is trouble with the Judaic empire. And this is an insight into the apparatchiks’ myriad of taboos.
To identify with being a secular Jew is somehow okay. That is to say the blood lineage has a value of its own. But it seems impossible to say: “I am just a human”. Or God Forbid; “a product of the media”.
Certainly there is a cultural Jew, and this is no doubt inculcated from an early age, and perhaps a lineage of wandering, manifestations can occur in humour and understandings.
Yet to look at modern Jewry and its pivotal power base and beliefs, it is also arguable that many a non Jew is pursuing Jewishness. That there are people with shared objectives, criteria and concerns as much as a member of institutional Judaism.
What is institutional Judaism? Any grouping, lets say any legally sanctioned grouping, AIPAC, ADL, a synagogue, Jews who share the same rituals. But there are also identifiable individuals who are not Jewish, “NeoCons”, speculators and many other vested interests, yet behaving as if they have Jewish concerns.
Hindus (just a word to describe all the spiritual people of the Indian area), I always thought were polytheistic. But slowly as Israeli influence (read commerce) has spread in India it is being rewritten as a monotheistic religion. And monotheism is what the “Hare Krishnas” are propagating.
It might be forbidden to proselytize, but it seems okay to tailor the information.
It is the Jewish century after all.

Written by morris

April 22, 2010 at 12:49 pm

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