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(Kyrgyzstan) If the Khazarians converted to Judaism to save themselves and their followers, could the Jews of today convert likewise?

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This is a positive hypothesis. The end game is approaching. We are stuck in endless warfare, headed for sovereign defaults, and a palpable rise in disquiet towards imperialism with a focus on the Jews.

While the control of today is seemingly absolute, it is also parasitical and based on trickery, spin and buying time. Meanwhile Kyrgyzstans await everywhere.


Censorship and image keep the disquiet at bay, but they are no foundation to continue upon. Jews by and large, and Israelis in particular form a rather rigid hierarchical group. If leading members were to offer directives then the Jewish nation would adhere. The spokespeople for our Jewish leaders are our Presidents and Prime Ministers. If they were to say: “no more fiat money”, or “no more fractional banking”, then everyone would comply. If they were to say, “all wars are to cease” or “no more genetically modified food” or “no more eavesdropping” or “lets adopt Islam”, everyone would follow.


Kyrgyzstan is rather small fry in the global scheme, but it was well-integrated into our financial meddling, and the degree of anti-semitism (and here, and here) has not been publicised, and if there was no sign of what has happened, then we can assume it can occur elsewhere just as rapidly.


Greece, the UK, Japan, Portugal, the USA are just a few countries courting sovereign default. Somehow the collective psyche of the Jewish world has been keen to make inroads everywhere, yet events are unravelling, and the direction Israel is going in appears out of control.


Yes we belief we are in democracies, the truth is just about all events are orchestrated. Are our hidden masters just going to watch as one poor judgement after another unfolds? Are they going to end up looking like the Czars, totally out of touch? There is a huge apparatus out there willing to punish and frame on a daily basis, and this is what is keeping the current trend going. Yet (as said earlier) it is only buying time.  If our leaders changed course, they could save a lot of unnecessary bloodshed.


How long before protesters are shot in the UK or in the USA? (A man was killed by the police in the banking riots in London last year), The Jewish nation has peaked as far as the hitherto ideology goes. More damage can be done in south Asia, maybe a couple more bases around Russia, but it is all too expensive and unpopular. The entire infrastructure can have its direction altered, this seems like commonsense, in fact it is the Jews that are going to suffer the most – the way things are going.

Written by morris

April 12, 2010 at 12:06 am

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