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Dear fellow Jews

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May we continue to fight for Crime, Corruption and Gay rights.
Being descendents of Abraham and the land of Canaan it is equally obligatory to appear respectable. Appearing in Synagogues is a duty.
The Jewish joy of vengeance, revenge and punishment. It certainly works in terrifying the weak, the isolated, the unsuspecting. That is the Palestinians, the dissidents, the bedouins etc. But they do regroup, and enemies are made. Look at the peasant Shia farmers of Lebanon, they turned into Hezbollah. But still the ethos of punishment continues.
There are still victories ahead, the weak will continue to suffer, but it is unlikely that the whole game can be won.
As above so below – we see footage of bound Palestinians being shot and having stones thrown at them, we hear of preplanned assassinations, unfortunately this is a passed down ideology. It is also widespread in its application to anyone not interested in the Jewish hegemonic empire. Perhaps you need to be at the receiving end to understand. They stop at nothing and it is relentless.
I cannot talk to anyone without there being an injection of crime, corruption or perversion. Bugged and tagged, then I read about an AlQaeda cell. Its impossible to walk across the street without being observed. So it is hard to believe in these AlQaeida cells. And as much as we hear about Zionist control of the Media and Finance. Imagine what it is for the security apparatus.
Oh the joy of torture
One way to disable an opponent is to keep them angry

Written by morris

April 9, 2010 at 12:09 pm

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