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Everyone must promote the Gay cause

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Why did Obama’s wife say that Obama’s home country is Kenya? Because she was at a conference for Gay rights and it was important for her to get the message of Gay rights across. And such a sensational statement would clearly attract an audience. The Obama show is brought to us courtesy of Zionist orchestration, such a statement by Michelle Obama was not an accident. His two closest advisers are the Zionists Axelroyd and Rahm Emanuel.


I have lived in Israel and have made friends with Israelis, this is not an incitement against all Israelis / Zionists, and who knows, hope against hope may they all awaken to the horrific deeds done.


We witness similar promotions by the British Prime Minister.


Now the issue here is not a homophobic rant, it is a question into the truth. What power does the Gay community have? Do they run the secret services, the Government, all of our intuitions (sic)? Are they orchestrating / encouraging the war on the Catholic Church and the (genocidal) war on Islam because neither believes in Homosexuality? We know they are dominant in the fashion and entertainment industry. It is a daunting thought to consider that our society is run by a hidden Gay community. Only recently is the Zionist influence being outed. The parallel track of Zionism/Jewish power and Gay promotion keeps reoccurring. And as Israel’s Defence contracts with India grow, so does Indian legislation for homosexual rights. As in all conflicts there is profit to be made. That could explain some alliances and support for the Gay cause. It is truly an international fraternity.



Gay party at Baghdad’s US embassy


My issue is this; Do we all have to be seen to promote Gay rights? The answer seems to be yes. It is all very similar to Zionism, where world leaders are obliged to be seen in a Jewish Kippa.

No doubt some people are naturally homosexual. But with the overwhelming promotion of Gay rights even with children, many are coerced into a life they would otherwise not have taken.


For the past few years I have been forbidden to make a penny unless I am seen to be promoting Gay rights, yes they have that amount of power. I can assure you a male parading their sexual attraction is not that interesting, yet that is what is being given license to. I am forbidden by the Jewish powers that be, to be averse to the Gay world. I suggest the world would be a better place without Jewish power for this reason alone.


And gay rights comes under Human Rights. In the age of Guantanamo, Depleted Uranium and false flags I think we could rearrange our priorities.


And while religious Jews are permitted to shun homosexuality and homosexuals, it seems that is their preserve only. No one else in society is allowed to, under the canopy of equality we are driven by the Gay community.


Freedom is being allowed to choose your friends, and today is all Midnight Cowboy. And it is essential that everyone be seen to promote Gay rights. I could live without it. It is a strange indignity to be forced to appear to sing a song you don’t believe in. And if I wasn’t being forced to, I would not be writing about it!!!

Written by morris

April 8, 2010 at 11:00 pm

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