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The convenience of blaming Israel by Jews

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Israel is only one aspect of the Jewish enterprise. Clearly the world’s finances are another. When faced with a choice, the latter will be chosen.
Violence is not so natural to the average person. And so it is possible the Jewish empire will continue to consolidate. The great game unfolding now is for Jewry to rise up against IsraHell. Leaving the Maddof’s intact.
The so-called capitalism requires a separation of forces. A division of labour if you like. A ruling elite couched in isolation. And reliant on paid for minions (ie corruption).
Maybe it is time to challenge Judaica, not just Israel. Otherwise we will all go up in a big bang. There really is no reasoning with people who see themselves as separate.
Much punishment is required. Pity the Israelis indoctrinated to die and kill and torture for their nationalism. But that is just one facet of the enslavement of mankind. What the Afghanis, Iraqis and dissidents go through is just the same as the Palestinians (maybe worse). All emenating from the same forces.
Had Judaica succeeded in being humanist, in being a part of humanity, had it succeeded with free enterprise developing a meritocracy, then we would not be in a world of false flags, spin and Monsantos. Instead we have eternal warfare, character assassinations (also real ones) and genocidal acts and aspirations.
What is required now is for Jews to rise up against Judaica, not just Israel, but all forms of segregated mentality. If a chief Rabbi said we will reform, all people are chosen, that would be a start. That is not going to happen. And in its place is the continuing saga of blinkered conquest of all that is nature, and all that is different.
With a price on everything from water to land, all measured in printed paper and computerised digits. What a great game it is. But it costs blood. Wouldn’t Chess be a better pastime?
In the meantime – go homeless cause the capitalist laws require balancing the market. All their free market baloney is but a taxation to further hegemony and of course Zionism.
It is a bankrupt ideology, with the current foundations as strong as a feather. A replacement ideology would spread like wildfire, in the meantime questioning Israel, the holocaust, the media is gathering pace.
Islam says: no speculation, no homosexuality and no alcohol. That is a small sacrifice for the right to walk without fear. As for facing Mecca and bowing five times a day, I don’t need to do that.
A jew we are told, is a descendent from Biblical times, few now believe that, and Koestler’s 13th tribe about the Khazarian origins has more traction, it is said that he (and his wife) were assassinated by the Mossad (Google it), yes the Jews kill Jews too. A jew is one whose Mother was Jewish, there too all is not clear. So it is also time to define what a Jew is. Certainly a culture has developed that is Jewish, there was a time when it denoted humour, pioneering and revolution, now it is in darkness consumed by deviousness. Young Israelis are given paintings to carry around, and to spit out lies that they painted them and that it was all in their family, while others learn about assassinating, spiking, hacking and stealing IDs.
Judaism today is just a paper sacred cow. Feel for the holocaust, we are taught, it is anyway illegal to challenge it, basically the law of the land is: worship the Jews, as we all become more and more bankrupt, fight absurd wars, and get addicted to all that is spurious. And at all times we have to have an enemy, it was communism, now it is Islam, and our elite know that people will fight for their addictions.

Written by morris

April 7, 2010 at 9:07 am

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  1. Re: “Israel is only one aspect of the Jewish enterprise. Clearly the world’s finances are another. When faced with a choice, the latter will be chosen.”

    I agree. The ZEOP has it’s uses for the Jews and Slavemasons. When it negates or counteracts other interests (globalism, materialism) it will be sacrificed, with much Oy Veying.

    By calling this abomination, The Zionist Entity in Occupied Palestine (ZEOP), “Israel”, and by referring to Zionist residents of the ZEOP as “Israelis”, you are conferring pseudo-legitimacy on them.

    I suggest the use of the terms “ZEOP”, “Zeopians”, “Zeopites”.

    “ZEP” would be better, but would cause a lot of confusion for stoners.


    April 11, 2010 at 3:59 pm

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