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Is the Game up in Afghanistan?

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So the war in Afghanistan, like all wars, is profitable. Israel profited with advise, training and sales. With a looming defeat looking likely, perhaps the Zionist based NeoCons and NATO itself might Inshaala dissolve.

Here is an aerial view of the City of Marjah our much lauded NATO conquest, orchestrated by the Zionist media:


Strange words from Afghanistan’s president Karzai:

‘Karzai went so far as to suggest that the U.S. risks being viewed as an invader that wants a “puppet government” in Kabul.’


Tony Karon (A senior Time editor) saying similar:
Karzai ratcheted up the rhetoric last week. He accused the U.S. of trying to dominate his country, blamed the West for last year’s electoral fraud (which his campaign was accused of masterminding) and made comments that verged on sanctifying the Taliban insurgency as a “national resistance” against foreign invaders.



It seems strange that with all the quotes of Karzai from Kandahar, few people mention that:

The commander of U.S. and NATO forces General Stanley McChrystal, who flew down to Kandahar with Karzai, sat on the stage behind the Afghan president but did not speak.

Although Karzai’s harsh words were spoken in Kandahar, it is unclear if he said them at this meeting while McCrystal was there.

The ex Indian Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar pointed out about Obama’s visit:

It must have been the first time in the history of the United States that an incumbent president had to undertake a 26-hour plane journey abroad with repeated mid-air refueling to meet a foreign leader – all for a 30-minute pow-wow.

Phyllis Bennis chose to subhead an article with this:

Talking points on the aftermath of Biden’s trip to Israel, the president’s trip to Afghanistan …

Could Biden’s humiliation in Israel be tied to an all encompassing strategy upheaval regarding the Muslim world?

Ahmed Quraishi Titles an article: “Balochistan: CIA’s Crumbling Project” (and the general push into Helmand has been said to be a way into Baluchistan, to tear it away from Pakistan and Iran).

The idea of using Afghan soil for regional US strategies – against Iran, Pakistan, Russia and China, as the need be – has failed miserably. One reason is exposure. Eight years is enough time for everyone to understand the double game being played in the region in the name of war on terror, which is America’s war no matter how many millions of dollars the US government invests in propaganda in the region to convince the people it is otherwise.

So as Karzai distances himself from the US, as the Taliban resistance grows, and NATO member countries start to withdraw, (Holland and Canada) will the US still launch an attack on Kandahar, and will it look like Fallujah, so that they can leave Afghanistan with the taste of some Biblical revenge and massacre?


It is already a country full of child birth defects, from all the DU used. With a long list of civilian deaths, many weddings and funerals bombed. So who is the infidel?


And will anyone ask what Israel’s influence has been?


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Written by morris

April 6, 2010 at 12:35 am

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