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The Pope must have upset the Jews

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A campaign is unfurled, you can expect the same for a congressman or a member of parliament if they were to go against Zionism. Suddenly a flood of past allegations would surface. I know. They’ve duped me into sex shops, into being seen with a ten year old boy who is naked, into being seen with transexuals.

The punishment is unrelenting. Look at what Iraq endured. What the Palestinians and Afghanis have to go through. Relentless unending punishment, till you are afraid if someone says hello.

The Jews go to great lengths to cover up their own scandals, but it is also their first port of call when it comes to destroying someone else. Funny how the Jews never went for the Bush whitehouse with all the pedophilia that was associated with it.

I am not saying the Priests didn’t make pedophilic violations, I am definitely not saying that could in any way be justified. I am just saying the Jews must be pissed off with the pope. It seems he had a Nazi past, maybe that is part of the problem.

Its a little strange how everyone falls for each and every campaign that is unfurled. The Bailout, Healthcare, 9/11, Swine Flu, Iraq WMDs. Of course sooner or later people wise up – but only when it is too late. It is also amazing how the campaigns are orchestrated equally well on the alternative blogging front. Which is a parallel to the real world, where deeds are done not only by the paid mercenaries or elites but also by the vagabonds and drunks and perverts. I think it is time to say the Jews are too clever for their own good. Apart from the atrocities in far off lands, there are also too many right under our noses.

So get ready for the third world war.

Written by morris

March 29, 2010 at 10:13 pm

Posted in Jews, Nazis, Pope

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