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Israel sunk from lack of love

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Wealth flowed in from Tokyo, Wall Street, London and everywhere else. The occupation hardened the Israelis and gave them all the wrong feelings. Filled with fables of grandeur they became oblivious to humanity. With 20% of the worlds export of weapons. Such a tiny country spread its influence everywhere, at all times guided by people of the book.


The fall is precipitous, other countries and people simply shunned them, yes they had their ‘deals’ with everyone, but the world was a little larger than that. And they just couldn’t stop bankrupting everyone in sight in order for ‘endless wars’.


No one was there to help. No one cared for them anymore. Every parliamentarian had been bought out, punishment was swift and summary and surreptitious, yet history was also playing its card. They had thought ‘right’ was in the blood. And apart from that fallacy – their blood was not of one anyway.

So they perpetuated a hole that they dug in. Alienating one soul after another, their ideology had expired, now it is just violence, that is all that is left. Theirs was no culture, nothing to offer anyone anywhere, just weapons and violence.


The outsmarting eventually turned inwards, and the quest for dominance encouraged all forms of deviance, their only allies were the deviant, so that too became a matter of policy. One by one the world turned against the little country, it had gone a step too far. The people lived for segregation and supremacy. Only by viewing the downtrodden could they gain succour.


All around them countries arose, Turkey, Iran, Syria and more. Israel systematically destroyed the USA and England, taxing them surreptitiously to death. Their free market headlines added up to nothing. Overnight Russia, China and others filled the gap. And even as they watched this happening, they still played the game of war.


In short: They were addicted to violence. But as the wall they built to keep the outsiders out, started to look like keeping them in, they started to turn on one another. Until finally there was no solution in sight. Only a repudiation of Jewishness could help them, and most of them preferred to be martyrs. Martyrs for criminality and free market headlines.

Written by morris

March 29, 2010 at 6:27 am

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    April 1, 2010 at 4:17 am

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