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There are a lot of Afghanis around London. Small shop owners, Street stall holders, and Taxi drivers. I sense a devout loyalty to their nation.

Perhaps a paraphrased quote from Layla Anwar (see side bar) is appropo: “When my country is under occupation of course I am nationalistic”.

So here are some paraphrased things that different Afghanis have said to me:

“Afghanistan is the 51st US state, everywhere in the country the US dollar is used.”

“There is no country that wants the US to succeed, not Russia, China, Iran or Pakistan.”

“The country is so poor the people often have no food, so how is it possible that so many weapons are available all the time and everywhere?”

“On the first day of the US assault 8,500 Taliban fighters were killed, how can you expect the Taliban to forgive?”

The Russians have long said with confidence that the war cannot be won, many others already say it is lost, and all the talk of including the Taliban in the Government reeks of defeat.

And there is the strange hyped up offensive against urban Marjah which turns out to be farms spread out over a large area.

www.iraq-war.ru publishes daily accounts of the Taliban’s claims, here is a sample http://www.iraq-war.ru/article/220744

Updates on Marjah and the rest of Afghanistan – 23.3.10


– U.S invaders helicopter shot down in Wardag

A helicopter of the U.S invading forces was shot down by Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate on Tuesday, Mar. 23, in Maidan city, capital of Wardag province. According to the report….


– At least dozens of American invading terrorists killed as 5 U.S invaders tanks torn apart by blast in Nad Ali


As many as five of the U.S invaders military armored tanks were destroyed through Monday, Mar, 22, 2010, in Helmand’s Nad Ali district. As per details, Mujahideen’s planted homemade mines ripped through a U.S invaders military convoy …


– Blasts strike 4 American invaders armored tanks in Marjah, Several dead

Mujahideen’s IED blasts have struck 4 armored tanks of the U.S invading forces since the evening hours of Monday, Mar. 22, 2010. According to the details, two of the U.S invaders tanks were destroyed in bombings …..

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March 25, 2010 at 11:28 pm

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