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More on the Mossad head being kicked out of London – see previous post

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He stole and forged passports, because he was Jewish, to help the Jewish nation, because there was an holocaust, against the poor defenceless Jews.

What else did he oversee in the dark dens of the Israeli embassy? I’d be too afraid to speculate, but for sure all the anti human connivances available. And he did it because he was a Jew. This is the defining of the modern Israeli.

And was his role unique in the Israeli Embassy? No. And was the Israeli embassy in London unique when compared to other Israeli embassies?

What the hell are the Israelis up to? The Jewish invented Atomic bomb was used by Jewish power over Japan, and that is what we can expect more of. He authorized the theft of my British Drivers License, right out of my hands, at the Embassy, two British policemen were there as guards, I reported it to them, their shoulder IDs were  D233  and D732.

The sad truth is Jews are not bad people, it is just an organisation filled with mafia type control, imbued with the holocaust religion, and determined to make the world pay…

There is a constant price to pay in terms of murder, most obvious is the plight of the Palestinians, but that is just the most obvious, it is in fact directed at all people.

Written by morris

March 24, 2010 at 7:02 am

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