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Outing Miliband’s expulsion

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Has Miliband ever said anything not scripted by the Mossad? And the same question would apply to Bush, Obama, Blair and Brown.

Our boys are off to fight for Jewish values in foreign lands, according to the script. Why would Miliband be instructed to expel the Mossad operator at the Israeli Embassy in London?

Well the whole Dubai fiasco was very bad news for the Mossad. Lots of operators identified, ramifications throughout the Arab world, and apart from Israelis reveling in the murder, it was a rather meaningless petty and unnecessary deed. And this expulsion was for the use of British Passports in the Dubai Assassination.

So even the Mossad has internal policing, and telling their senior London man to take a ticket home serves their interests. We could expect the same to happen if operators in 9-11 were outed. The expulsion was a public outing, a humiliation, so that other staff members can no not to be so ignorantly short sighted.

The actual logistics of the operation were so inept, one wonders how entangled the degradation of human spirit has become, so that it manifests in cowardice, convoluted organisation and goals that are self defeating.

Then again we should consider if an intelligence agency does anything that is legal, and the answer is no, they are strictly here for acting above the law. They’ve got my drivers license and a passport but that is another story.

They make agreements between different agencies, ‘share intelligence’, the mind boggles, there isn’t a criminal or a deviant they can’t employ. But the Mossad certainly enjoyed a reign of invincibility, just like Israel did, and just like the Jews have.

Somehow the genocide visited on Afghanis and Iraqis, and all the lies, revealed the Hubris, and now there is just spin and buying time.

Written by morris

March 23, 2010 at 11:28 pm

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