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Obama is powerless – he shook hands with a doctor in Mexico who died the next day, if that wasn’t a message ….. Yet all the talk continues.. Obama reacted to Bibi blah di blah.


To discount Obama in this way is the equivalent of being a heretic in the middle ages. By referring to Obama as if he had power, whether for or against him, is to play along with ‘democracy is working’. When in fact it is a complete fiasco, as is everything now in the West.


But if we start to look at international developments: A Shaky Euro, huge British and US deficits. The Japanese evicting the US forces. Russia, China, Iran, Brazil all getting stronger. It’s a case of ‘game is up’. Just what will collapse first?


Funny thing is: the Zionists don’t know it. Guess they can’t afford to see it. They are anyway fulfilling a myth, what else can be expected? As for the ‘fu*k you’ to Biden, that is just business as usual. When the UN intervened in Gaza during Cast Lead, Israel bombed the UN schools. What Biden’s mission in Israel was is also a secret. Who can believe anything they say or their press secretaries release?


Lastly: what will happen to the nerve centre of corporate capitalism? So many voices say Israel will implode. It is self evident that they see themselves as separate from humanity (and this is the problem). Also their adversaries are stronger than ever.


Really a boycott or an embargo, a confrontation with the world’s superpowers would be Israel’s best hope for survival, to bring them to their senses. In the meantime they write the editorials, and less and less people are reading them.

There are many taboos. Criticising Religion is one of them. And I don’t suggest to be anti spiritual, and I see Islam as peaceful and humanistic. But what we are subject to is a group of people segregated from everyone else, and through their self perception of divine endowment, they are insuring that corruption is the only tool of power. Corruption also proves the thesis that humanity is not ready for peaceful coexistence.


So how will the Israeli powder-keg implode? And what will happen to her colonies: Europe and the US? The American foreign aid is a small part of the pot. The three billion$ a year is more a statement of support. The total income is from all around the globe, and it pays for settlements, and it pays for their growing inhabitants. There is no sign of Israel moving to the left. And that is due to the ill gotten income. Will it start with Gaza and spread to Lebanon Syria and Iran. I can’t imagine an Intifada in the West Bank. The Israeli oppression is ironclad. Of course the mafia mentality inside Israel is very dangerous, it would be a tragedy to see an internal Israeli conflict because of greed and not because of ideology. Will Israel sink towards a Mexican scenario?


And what is Israel’s game plan? Greater Israel extending to the Euphrates? Or a fully functioning apartheid state, which it pretty much is already. Or just buy time by channeling money to far away wars. What is the game-plan??? Does anyone know? Await the Messiah? The last thing Israel can do, is be a safe haven for Jews, or be of any assistance to the Diaspora.


Perhaps Biden’s visit was to presage a strategic shift in US policy, overtures to Iran, N. Korea, and the Arab world, to withdraw from Afghanistan, and plead for a Palestinian state. And Israel would have none of it.


Most of the world relies on ruling dynasties. Some periods see different families rise and others fall. Whatever power games and aspirations are being played out now, smell like they are a hundred years old.

Written by morris

March 20, 2010 at 11:05 pm

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