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If Israel’s reputation collapsed in 12 months – What’s in store for Judaica?

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Although the genocidal wars seem stupid, it is rare to hear that Judaica is stupid. If the Jewish elite see the writing on the wall, that whole populations are revulsed by the banksters, Israel’s behaviour and the wars, wisdom would suggest they would yield some power.

The stranglehold on the EU is the same as it is on the US, witness the troops being sent to die and kill. But there is no slackening of the leash in sight.

The last 50 to 60 years has seen whole populations given the runaround. But people are wisening up, probably due to the widening income gap, that is: impoverishment.

There’s a whole fundamentalist philosophy driving all our wasted energy, from the killing machine to the making the speculators richer. Obviously it has run its course. And obviously the fundamentalists have gained all the power, no doubt through being the most fierce, the most devious and the most segregated.

Human’s it seems need a belief system. Jewish tribal rule now has to consider perishing, destorying us all, or changing. Could it adopt another belief system? Unlikely.

We can expect a war in the Middle East. The israelis have supported proxy wars in far away Iraq and Afghanistan. But now the blowback is going to be closer to Israel. And the fundamentalists behind Israel’s nationalism are increasingly inhumane and provocative. It  is a shame for each and everyone of us. They will drag in as many other nations as they can. In the end there wil be no more symapathy for anything Jewish.

Written by morris

March 18, 2010 at 8:52 pm

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