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Do you trust your bank?

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Are they the banks here to fleece us? Well they are not designed to be concerned for social welfare. And with all the investment opportunities of war, they clearly must be supporters. They can lend to the weapons manufacturers and gawk at the natural resources..


Trickle down fleecing. You can’t rise to the top, unless you support the wars. And paying heedence to the war cry becomes a prerequisite for promotion. Enter the Muslim worker. This is a cog in the works. After all, fleecing, laundering and pilfering are all the same side of the coin..

And there sits a teller wearing a head scarf. They need to be harassed out of the profession. And that is precisely what I witnessed in a bank the other day. A customer hassling the poor dear out of her mind. I have enough experience of these sordid times to realize he was a paid harasser. He probably doubles up as a paid (double agent) participant in social justice or anti-war groups.


Part of the war against Islam is for the rights of speculators. And they have made some strong inroads. Bourses in Saudi Arabia and Iran, I doubt if these institutions are truly Islamic, because in Islam it is forbidden to trade money without an exchange of goods.


Nevermind, it is just an observation, I am not holier than anyone else. I just draw the line on killing the weak. And killing women and children is now the hallmark of the West’s wars. And as for the laundering, I mean the banks, how long till we see the evil they have become? That they tax us for the war effort, and by any means.


It might well be true that economies run by speculators are more innovative. Although I believe communism collapsed through devious outsiders corrupting their way through, nevertheless it might not have been so efficient, because it did not make so many enemies. Many economists point out that the Arab oil boycott was a catalyst for Western efficiency, where as the Soviets were not subject to the boycott and therefore didn’t need to alter their means of production.


The Muslims have not been known for Industrial output, rather for learning (like the Soviets), they passed down all the ancient Greek knowledge. They are also known for their abstinence from alcohol and homosexuality. But now we live in the Jewish Century. Consumerism (and I can love gadgets) offshoring, and humans as objects. And it is all falling apart..

Its been a little over a year since Gaza, we have seen a virtual collapse of the Israeli and Zionist image. The Neocons and the bankers are close behind.


At this rate; In another year we can expect a total collapse of our Western civilisation. Which leaves China as the Superpower, and us with a lot of Nuclear submarines.


The West will collapse from within, the people will just say: “no more”, we will be cooking the banks. In the meantime we can expect more of our daily news of false flags, increasing security measures, and conjured demonic enemies.

Written by morris

March 7, 2010 at 10:38 pm

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