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The end game before the bloodbath

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Am not in the ruling elite, and I lack their ingenuity.


But given the growing discontent, and the finger pointing, it is surprising that our rulers persist in enlarging our warfronts. That is after all what is bankrupting us. There appears no concern at all for the common folk, as if we too are designated as victims.


Care not, do they. What drives them? What ball have they got their eye on? Is it a divine calling? Is it for Gay liberation? What is causing our governments to bankrupt themselves? And to do so with full knowledge that the future will be mortgaged.


In history there are accounts of fruitless wars. The 30 year war, the first WW, The Czars fell from endless wars. Why can’t they stop?


It is riveting to watch the United States spread its influence, aura and military might into every corner of the world, as if it might actually control it all. It looks like a bombastic drunk teetering on a chair as it tries to replace a light bulb. It’s a recipe for disaster that has been proven so time and time again throughout history. For some reason this makes no impression on the latest fools pursuing the same predictable ends.


Ironically America offers a great hope, they are the people who have shown they can rise up, as they did during Vietnam and Watergate.


What is the light, the Gold, that is worth fighting for? Is it the current Opium trade? Is it to simply decimate the Muslims? Tactically they are making enemies out of Russia and China too. What monsters deliver us to collective ruin? Apart from an armaments industry, we have precious little else left. Well, there is the profit from “overseas” investments. But the constant state of pilfering, sometimes legal as in bonuses and compulsory insurance and by any other means has used up all the productivity.


Now we no longer have employment related to wealth creation, rather it is for reinforcing exclusivity, economic dominance, racial supremacy ….


There must be a fear within our ruling class (who I believe are speculators) that they cannot adapt to a different world. All they know is to attack, personally and globally. And to spin fear, to frame us into appearing to carry their flags. They push the flags into our hands, and tell us what to say. But the criticism is rising to a crescendo. Typified by a revulsion for Zionism, yet Israel has been the cornerstone of our ruling elite.


The early Zionists had many socialists amongst them, back then many a Jew spoke Arabic. Now the country only attracts myopic louts (even if they sport families and suits), and it breeds them to travel far and wide, and attracts them as allies. And it has its Sayanim:

While in Britain, France, USA and Argentina the Mossad  enjoys the support of thousands of local Sayanim, Jews who are happy to betray their neighbours for their beloved Jewish state, when operating in Arab countries the Mossad  has to schlep its very many assassins and their assistants using different fraudulent methods.


Maybe as the Titanic (Our elites) see the Icebergs (discontent and ruin) the infighting begins, perhaps some Israelis no longer want assistance from their allies?


We are all on the same precipice, and retraining, reorientating is the only hope. In the meantime we have to say our Hail Mary’s to all that is sordid. To all things we don’t believe in. To bite our tongues. To realize we were not born into this world to discover our destiny, but to lose ourselves  in false deities, celebrities, flags, anything that is not within our own persona.


And on the same subject, we have democracy, which has lost its origins which were to vote for policies not people. But even that is too much for our elite, they now give us a series of hung parliaments: a paralysed road show.


Making peace with Islam is the only hope, and neither the Gay  or current Jewish elite would allow that.

Written by morris

March 2, 2010 at 3:06 pm

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