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Who likes Jewish rule?

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Criminals and Gays – To them Judaica is tolerant, consequently they have risen to the top.

It seems too late to change anything, there is no hope. at this late stage, of anyone putting their house in order.

We get bankrupted and Israel goes farther to the right. Better sit back and watch it come undone, from either side of the same coin: sovereign debt defaults or through genocidal wars.

Yet we are all obliged to be seen to rejoice in same sex relationships, to be seen to promote it by not displaying any aversion. And everyone is terrified of saying anything against our ruling lieutenants.

All our institutions are now heavily run by homosexuals. If I were not obliged to be seen to be rejoicing with them every day, I might not write about it. But, alas, I crossed the Jews, and we all know their punishment lasts forever.

The Golem is out, there is no putting it back, Your children will be taught about Gays, and we will wage wars against all those who disapprove of homosexuality.

They never tell us that on the nightly news – then again maybe they do – subliminally.

Gaza gets aid from Gay charities, it is a marvelous ploy, except now we are all in Gaza.

The parallels between Jewish requirements and the Gay requirements is outstanding, both of them require any freethinker to be seen to be promoting their cause.

If you want to make a living, you better wave a Gay or Jewish flag. And if you won’t – you will be made to be seen to be doing so.

The reality on the ground probably has nothing to do with the Jewish religion – clearly things have gone out of control.

Written by morris

February 27, 2010 at 1:16 pm

Posted in homosexuality

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