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Are Israelis about to become fodder too?

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Whether you’ve been to Israel or not, it is obvious it is a time for soul searching, the crises don’t stop.

Jewish concerns are so often fiscal, monetary or otherwise known as Fiat money. Can we continue to selectively pick holes in this or that policy, or can we say that all the ills we are facing and witnessing are related to our monetary system?

The only people with influence are those with money, and who are these people? And what are they doing?

From devience to drug trade, from assassinations to war crimes, from vote rigging to organ harvesting, from framing to spinning to identity theft.

To tackle our ills we need to tackle speculation, it is the wealth of the speculators that is encouraging all things evil. To make money people deal in contraband, from children to drugs. The news is full of it. And even the legal ways of debasing humanity: Alcohol and Pornography.

We all get lured into self interest by a carrot (wad of money) on a string. With this awareness our oligarchies rule. From an atheist point of view it seems to me that only Islam has the solutions. Which is a humorous contradiction, but we have fallen so deep into the worst excesses of history that only something rigorous can save us. I am only grasping Islam in a rational manner; no speculation or alcohol etc.


Another bone to pick is the Jewish adoration of women, do not misunderstand me, and please read on, it would be more true to say that all of the worlds problems are due to males, nevertheless when it comes to allowing women to decide societal issues, they must have, at least in the back of their minds, the feeling that if they are getting screwed then why shouldn’t men.

It is not for me to deliberate on what women should do, the issue of abortion I am afraid is a womans issue, not mine. Whether consciously or not, our whole environment is being flooded with the female hormone Estrogen, mostly from the birth pill, but also from Soya and many other products. Record numbers of men are having breast growths surgically removed. I am certain this is often due to spiking. God knows what regulations are available regarding the breast enhancing drugs, and indeed if the regulations would matter. We are witnessing the rise of the effeminite male, one that is licensed to display lust towards other males. And all hidden by such expressions as “freedom to choose”. And the gay community has risen to become all powerful throughout the Anglo Saxon Governments. Unleashing their financial and military might against any country pursuing heterosexuality as a goal. This is easily observable in international politics, from India to Uganda and the Islamic world

By the way, women are great, but I am not a fundamentalist. I do not think every decision by every mother on the planet is correct. The fundamentalist cannot see circumstances.


To summarize, the Jewish foundation of beliefs when unleashed on a global society, where mercantalism and self interest rule, has led us into depravity. With an obsessive concern to hold the purse strings, at the cost of turning a blind eye to what and how money accumulation is achieved, we are only left with evil. Cheney, Monsanto, even Saddam was our friend at one time, when he waged war for us, so that we may profit, and on and on …

There was a logic to allowing people to pursue self interest in the ghetto, they would be pigeoned holed and ostracised, made to be seen as a pariah for their lack of responsibility. Now we have the reverse, men in suits with families indulged in the most horrific pursuits, and they are being paraded as deities.

Rising to the top has required a professed loyalty to Zionism and the family, but only “professed”, and the top means ordering other people what to do. I don’t doubt that the family is the bedrock, the foundations of our civilisation, but so are ideas and humanistic thought.


To state that there are innocent and good Jews is obvious, but it also clouds the issue, Obama might be a good person but that doesn’t mean the US Government is. He has in fact become the mouthpiece for genocide. Zionism certainly perverted the course of Judaism, all the self sacrifice for God became self sacrifice for state nationalism.There can be no doubt that we are all “race” conscious, that many conflicts are racial. Well the Jews are not a race, although many believe they are; that all Jews descended from the biblical land. When one’s foundations are borne of myth a very dangerous persona develops. One is constantly trying to prove it is true, and there is disdain for all others. Destruction of society, the environment and all others, particularly those who can in fact trace their ancestral roots. Those are the people we are killing in Islamic lands. Our warmongering Anglo Saxon world seems to me to be a holy alliance between Gays and fanatical Jews. Ponder on the secrecy of ruling elites …

The Jewish monetary concerns are so paramount that many are prepared, at this stage, to sacrifice Zionism, Wall Street and other Central Banks being more important. This will leave the Israeli in a conundrum. By analogy like a communist when the Soviet Union collapsed. For the first time the Israeli will feel like fodder. I guess the game plan for our western Jewish elites is for Israel to be like South Africa, a vote for everyone and maintain the Jewish ethos of Jewish speculation.

Men are sprouting breasts and moob surgery is up 80%.

Written by morris

February 21, 2010 at 2:17 pm

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